Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I join Boomeon?

Creating an account on Boomeon is simple and free. The video below walks you through the process.

Creating Your Boomeon Account Video Tutorial

How do I get around Boomeon?

There's an extraordinary amount of content for you on Boomeon. Generally, though, the home page features Boomeon-created content and the Community page features user-created content, while the group pages feature all content related to that group and its sub-groups.

There's plenty to explore, and maybe the best way to see it all is to get clicking! You'll soon find it's second nature to know where everything is.

Watch a video on Getting Around Boomeon:

What is My Boomeon?

My Boomeon is your personalized content stream. It shows you expert articles, member blogs and community discussions from the groups in which you are a member.

Filter Your View

You can easily choose what content you see in your stream. Here's how:

  • From the dropdown menu, select All Groups to see content from all your groups, or select a specific group, for example, Health & Beauty and see just the latest from that group.
  • Filter down even more by selecting one of the grey buttons just below the dropdown menu: EXPERT ARTICLES, DISCUSSIONS, MEMBER POSTS.

My Boomeon Video Tutorial

Explain groups to me.

Groups are the foundation of Boomeon. We have groups created by our experts and our members. They allow our users to join and contribute to groups that share their unique interest. Inside of groups you will find a variety of related expert articles, blog posts by the group owner, and discussion by the group members.

Group owners have the option to create a private or public group. If the group is private your membership will need to be approved by the group owner before you can see the posts and discussions.

How do I post to a group?

If you are the group owner you can create blog posts in your groups. You must be the group owner to create a blog post. However, all group members can comment on blog posts. If you are the group owner, navigate to your group by going to Tools and then select the group you wish to post to from your list of groups. Select View Group. When you are on your group page there is a blue button to Create Discussion or Create Post just below the main image area.

If you are a member of a group, but not the owner, you will have a similar button just below the main image area that says Create Discussion. You can easily see all groups you are a member of in your My Boomeon Content Stream OR in your Profile under Interest Groups You've Joined.

Anyone who is a member of a group can create and comment on discussions. If you are a group owner and you want to be more selective about who joins and posts in your group, be sure to make the group private. This way, you can approve or deny membership and better control who has permission to create discussions and comment on blog posts and discussions. See more on the difference between blog posts and discussions.

Create a Group Video Tutorial

How do I start a discussion?

First, make sure you are logged in. Only registered Boomeon members can start or comment on discussions. There are a few ways to start discussions. Here they are:

  • Go to Community, scroll down to Hottest Discussions and click the big blue Start a Discussion button.
  • Or, if you are on a group page, click the Start a Discussion button that appears below the big main image. Note: You must be a member of a group to start a discussion, but you don't have to be the owner of the group.
  • Or, from Tools, click the big blue Create button which will give you the option to create a discussion in a dropdown menu.

What is a blog post and how is it different from a discussion?

A blog post is essentially an article. If you have something you want to teach, like your recipe for the perfect chocolate cake, or an opinion you want to share, like why Mozart is better than Bach, this is a great place to do it. It is different from a discussion primarily in length and tone. A blog post is more essay in nature (though comments are encouraged) while a discussion is more conversational.

Here are some important thing to know about blog posts:

  • You have to start a group before you can write a blog post.
  • Blog posts are public by default and allow unmoderated comments by default. You have the option to change these settings when creating your post and you can go back later to change if you'd like. Hint: If you change comments from unmoderated to moderated you will have to go approve any existing comments. It's quick and painless, but you should be aware of this if you have already have a lot of comments on your post.
  • We highly recommend adding a big beautiful photo to your blog posts. The main image will appear at the top of your blog post and throughout the site as the thumbnail image. The ideal size is 960px x 480px. A great place to find free images is (just be sure to give credit to the photographer).

How do I add images to a blog post or discussion?

All of your images are stored in your Image Library. You can get to your Image Library in your Profile OR in the Create Post and Create Discussion pages.

For these instructions we'll assume you are adding a new image to a new blog post you are writing.

Step 1: Click the Manage Your Images button.

Step 2: This opens a modal window. From here click the Add New Image button. A grey placeholder image will appear with a Browse button below.

Step 3: Browse to the image you wish to upload. After selecting your images, scroll to the bottom of the modal window and click Save.

Step 4: You should now see your image - yay! You will also notice now that there is a unique URL to your image. This is the URL that will use to insert your image into blog posts and discussions.

Step 5: Copy this URL by highlighting the URL text and either right-clicking and selecting Copy OR holding CTRL and typing C on your keyboard. Now this URL is saved to your clipboard.

Step 6: Close this modal window by clicking the X in the top right corner.

Step 7: In the Contents section (this is where you type your blog post), place your cursor where you want your image to appear, then click Insert > Image. This will open a popup window with a field for Source. Paste your URL in this field. That is all that's required but if you'd like to change the size of your image, you can do that here, too. Click OK. That's it! Your image should now be inserted in your blog post.

We created an infographic explaining these steps. Find it here: How to add images to your blog posts and discussions

How do I connect with friends?

To search for members by their username, go to Community and use the Find Your Friends search bar. Because real names are by default private, you will need to know their username to find them.

Click on a username to be taken to their profile. There you will see a box with a heart. If you click that heart, you will now be following this member. They will show in your list of Favorite Peers on your Profile.

Can I private message my friends?

Yes, you can! You can private message people you have "peered" once they have "peered" you back. You can see who has peered you on your Profile and you will also receive notification by email that you've been peered.

View of Peers on Profile:

Once you are mutually peered, go to Private Messages to send a message. Anyone you are peers with will show as you begin to type their username in the recipients field.

Private Messaging for Group Owners

For groups you've created, you can private message everyone in the entire group in the same way that you private message an individual.

How to Change your Time Zone

Click "Profile" on the top navigation bar, and then the blue "Edit Profile" button on your profile page.

On your Edit Profile page, you'll find a "Select your time zone" field very near the top. Find your time zone and click it once.

Click the blue "Save" button at the bottom of the Edit page, and you're all set! All times should now show to you in your local time.

How do I close my account?

This isn't a very frequently asked question, but you deserve to know. And we'd be really, really sorry to see you go :(

At the bottom of your profile page there's a grey button marked 'Request Account Deletion.'

Clicking that button will open a window to your email so you can send us your request to be removed from the system. We try to fulfill all requests within one business day of receipt.