Reasons why one would decide to be a stay-at-home parent are numerous. Childcare can be quite expensive or you might feel that your child will benefit from you being at home. No matter what the reason is, it is still a good idea that you find a way to gain some extra income. The following 10 are the top jobs you can do from home.



 Blogging is one of the popular businesses today. You can earn a lot by advertising other businesses on your blog. You will need skill at writing and some inspiration. You can start a blog about cooking, crafting. Fashion etc. There are many ways you can get more traffic at your blog, make sure you check them out.


Many stay-at-home parents decide to become dietitians. A dietitian is a person who advises his clients how to change their diet in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle or to achieve some specific goal. Dietitian can work from home and have a flexible schedule. Depending on the state you live in, there are certain trainings you will need to do in order to become a dietitian.

Call Center Representative

Another job you can do from home is answering the phone and giving customers information about certain company. This job offers a lot of flexibility and is a perfect option for friendly people who enjoy helping others. You might only have to work over the phone and send e-mails.


Becoming an accountant is a perfect option for stay-at-home parents who have certain financial skills. You can purchase certain accounting and tax franchise or you can decide to start your own company. This job also offers a lot of flexibility and can be done from home completely.

daycare teacher

Daycare Teacher

Starting a home childcare offers you a great way to spend more time with your child, as well as to gain some extra income. This business is a great option for parents who already have much experience in looking after kids. Make sure you check all the regulations in your state before starting a home childcare.


Catering is another great idea for stay-at-home parents. If you are skilled and enjoy cooking you can start your own catering business. You can prepare meals at your home and hire the staff who will be in charge of getting and serving the food to the clients.

House Flipper

If home designing is your passion, this might be a perfect business opportunity for you. House flipping business involves buying a house, investing in its renovation and then selling it at a higher price. Make sure you master the art of house flipping before you enter the business. 



If you are good at using computers, this is another business you can consider. Even though we live in the age of ubiquitous computers, there is still need for people who are skilled in typing, making PowerPoint presentations and working in Photoshop.


Becoming a tutor is another great idea. You can tutor high-school or college students in the subjects you know much about. You can find the students on Craigslist or by putting an ad in the newspapers. You can also teach musical instruments or a foreign language.


Another thing you can do at your home is crafting things such as gift baskets or home decorations. A good thing about it is that your kids can help you, meaning that you can still spend some quality time with them while working. You can also easily find the market for your crafts online.


All of these jobs offer you opportunity to look after your kids and still earn some money. Remember that it will take you some time to get used to working from home but once you gain more experience, your home business will do great for sure.