Having their own pool, in their own backyard is a dream come true for many people. However, in order to transform your pool area into something special, you need to have the right idea first. What this means is that you need to find a solution to fit both your pool and your personal preferences. Luckily, your options here are quite numerous and here are 10 most popular decorating pool area ideas.

Shade Garden

Shade Garden


One of the things that your pool will need the most is a nice shade garden. The best thing about this garden is that apart from making a substantial amount of shade, it looks visually pleasing even without the adjacent pool. All you need to do is find a suitable shrub type and you will be well on your way to make this happen. The greatest downside of this idea is that a garden of any kind requires a lot of maintenance.

Shade Sail

Shade Sail


As we mentioned, garden requires a vigilant upkeep, so if you deem that you won’t be able to set aside so much time for it, it might be for the best to go with shade sail. Here, you will need to choose the most adequate one for your garden in the manner of design and size. Also, a huge item on the menu will be where you are going to hang it from. You can either attach it to an existing structure or install a poll in your yard.

Wooden Deck

wooden deck


Next thing you can do with your pool is add a nice wooden deck to it. This way, not only will your entire yard look considerably nicer, but you will also have a place where to rest after a strenuous swimming session. The greatest drawback of wooden decks is that they require a lot of space unless your pool is kidney shaped.

Concrete Deck

Concrete deck


Even though wood is second to none when it comes to aesthetic appeal, some prefer concrete. The greatest advantage of this option is price, but also the fact that concrete surface is considerably easier to maintain. Unfortunately, there are also two flaws present in this idea. First is slow erosion of concrete, but this can be remedied with a sealer. Another trouble with concrete is just how quickly can concrete heat up during the summer.

Sandstone Tiles

Sandstone tiles


Perhaps the most stylish and at the same time practical option you can go for here is to install Himalayan anti-slip sandstone tiles. Not only do these tiles make traffic around your pool easier and safer even when you are barefooted, but they take visual aspect of your pool to a whole new level. Another plus is that they are extremely easy for maintenance of any kind. 

Poolside Bar



Another thing that you can do in your yard is install a genuine outdoors bar and make your home into a genuine tropical haven. Some people find this idea too extravagant or fear costs of such an investment. Still, if all else fails, you can always resort to another DIY project and simply make your own bar from wooden pallets. This way, you will not only get a bar, but also make your yard look unique.

Grill Area

Grill area


What better idea is there, than to spend a perfect Sunday afternoon with your family and friends making barbecue next to a pool. Regardless of your choice, regardless of whether you have a deck or no, a nice grill is always a sound addition to your pool area.

Lighting Ideas

lighting ideas


Of course, in order to be able to use your poolside during night, what you will also need are some great lighting solutions. First, you can chose some nice vintage lamps and set them on poolside tables. On the other hand, for that oriental look you can always hang some lanterns or even pendant lights on walls or some other outdoor structures. Finally, if the occasion is appropriate, you can always go with candles.

Floor Mural

floor mural


When you first construct a pool, you can decide to paint a nice underwater mural or have someone do it for you. The procedure itself is not that complicated but you will have to premeditate all of this first. Start by sketching your idea on a piece of paper and then think about how it is going to look in your pool.

Always Go For Matching Colors

matching colors


Finally, there is one thing that simply must be emphasized. Your pool area is not a stand-alone entity and as such it needs to match the rest of your home’s layout. Because of this, always go for colors that suit the rest of your home and your yard.

As you can see, your options are numerous and all you have to do is find those that suit you the most. Even though to some of this may seem as too much work, when you take the end results into consideration any effort is always worth it.