Keeping your home squeaky clean is not an easy chore, especially when you have children or pets. Dusting the furniture, wiping tabletops and counters, and sweeping the floor do not guarantee that you will remove dust and allergens that may have entered your home.


When cleaning your home, you need to make sure you have a powerful vacuum that can easily reach corners and small crevices in your home. A portable car vacuum may also come in handy for those high shelves in your kitchen. However, the vacuum for your car should not be used in vacuuming most parts of your home. A car vacuum is not as powerful as corded vacuums so it may not clean your home well.


    To make sure that your home is sparkling clean, here are some helpful tips for you:


  1. Establish a schedule – To ensure that you don’t spend too much time cleaning your home, create a weekly schedule. Don’t wait for dust and cobwebs to accumulate before you start vacuuming. This also makes the job easier because you don’t have to spend too much time cleaning. Delegate your family members to help you with different tasks as well.


  1. Avoid the mess – Yes, I know this seems impossible, but it’s not. If most of the dirt comes from shoes, place a mat at the doorways so people can wipe off their shoes. You may also establish a “no shoes policy” and place shoe racks near the doorways where family members and visitors can leave their shoes.

If you have pets, don’t allow them to lie on the furniture or the carpet; set a place for them to lie down on. You can also keep them in a dog house or a pen, so they are contained in one area.

If you have children, spills are inevitable. You may set a rule that no one is allowed to eat or drink in a carpeted area or the living room. If your home is fully carpeted, spread newspapers around the area where your child usually eats so it’s easier to manage spills.


  1. Empty the Canister or Bag – Don’t wait for the vacuum bag to be filled up as it might clog the hose. When it is already ¾ full, throw away the contents. It would also be best to empty the canister as soon as you finish vacuuming, so it will be ready for the next use.


  1. Remove Small Objects – Tiny objects such as bobby pins, screws, and Lego blocks may accidentally get in your vacuum and clog the hose or damage it. Here’s a trick: slide stockings over the house and vacuum under the furniture to check if there are small objects. The objects will attach themselves to the stocking and won’t get in the vacuum.



  1. Treat Stains Right Away – If you accidentally spill liquid on your carpet or furniture, clean up right away before vacuuming. Blot off the area with water, and white vinegar then sprinkle some baking soda over it. Once the baking soda dries, vacuum over it to remove the residue. Vacuums are meant to remove dust but not to remove the stains. Same goes with your car. Wipe up spills right away before using your car vacuum.


  1. Rearrange the Furniture – It’s also a great idea to move the furniture around. Not only do you change the look of your house but it shows you areas where you may need to thoroughly clean. It’s also a good idea to move furniture when vacuuming so you can clean underneath.


  1. Choose the Right Accessories – That vacuum brush may not be a good idea to use with hardwood floors because they might get scratched. Use the proper attachment for corners, carpets, wooden surfaces, and countertops. This ensures that you clean out the area properly. For example, use the brush end for your carpet so you can rub and lift off the dust embedded on the carpets. Likewise, use the pointed extenders to reach into corners to get the dust and cobwebs out.


  1. Clean from Top to Bottom ­– Clean higher areas like windows, shelves, blinds, and countertops first. The dirt that you cleaned out from higher areas will accumulate at the bottom, so it will be easier to clean. Also, once you have already finished dusting or wiping off from higher areas, it will now be easier to vacuum the floor.


  1. Vacuum Multiple Times – This means that you may need to go over the same area multiple times before you get rid of pet fur or deep-seated dirt. You may need to brush the area very well before vacuuming over it to free the dirt.


  1. Maintain Your Vacuum – Your vacuum is used for cleaning. Therefore, it is only proper to keep it clean and well-maintained. Make sure it doesn’t get wet. Check the hose and cords for cracks or holes and replace as needed. Inspect the screws and make sure none are missing. Empty the dust bag or canister or wash it if needed. This helps your vacuum function better and last longer.


           There you have it. I hope that you have gained some helpful tips on how to vacuum like a pro and keep your house sparkling clean. If you have other tips and suggestions, don’t hesitate to share them with us. We’d love to hear your feedback and ideas as well. Don’t forget to share this article!