If you ask women what the most important item of makeup is, many will say mascara. This is the one item of makeup that many women would not be without. When applied properly, mascara can help to open up your eyes and make them really stand out with minimal effort. You can get a wide variety of colours to suit your needs as well as a range of mascara types designed to provide different effects.

When choosing mascara, you need to find the right colour and also consider the type of mascara. For instance, some mascaras are designed to add length and thickness while others will also help to strengthen your lashes. Even the type of wand that comes with the mascara needs to be taken into consideration, as this will affect the result you achieve after application.

Applying your mascara

Applying mascara isn’t difficult but it can be tricky. If you don’t apply it properly, you can end up with clogging, spider-eyes, or mascara on the eyelids. So, in order to help you to apply your mascara with greater ease and speed, here are some great tips:

1.       Assess your needs: The first thing you need to do is assess your needs so that you can purchase the right mascara. Look at what you want to achieve, such as more length, thicker lashes, or curl. You will then be able to purchase the right mascara and use the right wand to achieve the desired result. You will find plenty of mascara options available at specialist retailers like Beauty Spin, and can even save money with Beauty Spin Discounts at VoucherBin.

2.       Use an eyelid primer: Most women know how annoying it can be to find mascara smudged on the upper or lower lids after application. By using an eyelid primer, you can stop this from happening. This will help to keep your eye makeup where it is supposed to be and all you have to do is use a small amount before you apply your mascara.

3.       Add some powder to your routine: Another thing you can do is apply a little translucent powder to your lashes before you apply your mascara. Just dust a little of the powder on with your eyes closed and then put your mascara on. The powder will help you to achieve fuller, thicker lashes once you have applied the mascara.

4.       Make sure you rotate the wand: As you are applying your mascara, you should rotate the wand, as this also help to lengthen the lashes. Make sure you rotate the brush from root to tip as you put the mascara on. You can then benefit from beautiful, long lashes with less chance of clumping.

5.       Zig-zag the wand: Another thing you can do is zig-zag the wand as you apply your mascara. This is a great way of adding more length but it also helps to separate the lashes as you put your mascara on. This is a technique that is often used by makeup artists to create perfect lashes.

6.       Remove excess mascara from the wand: Mascara can flake, clump, and cake on the eyelashes far too easily. However, you can avoid this situation simply by wiping excess mascara off the brush before you apply. You can simply wipe the excess on the inner tube of the mascara or use a tissue.

7.       Always use a lash comb: You should always use a lash comb after applying mascara, as this helps to separate the lashes as well as remove clumps. You should do this after you have finished applying the mascara but before it dries onto your lashes. You can then look forward to lush, separated lashes that are not littered with clumps.

8.       Hold your curl for longer: If the mascara is applied evenly from the root to the tip of your lashes, it will not hold the curl. This is because the weight straightens the lashes out after a very short while. Therefore, apply a thicker layer at the root of the lashes and a lighter one at the ends, as this will help to hold the curl for much longer.

9.       Use mascara on both sides of the lashes: If your lashes are very light or thin, it is worth using mascara on both sides to add extra thickness. Most women simply apply it under the lashes, which is fine if you already have decent length and thickness. However, those with barely-there lashes will benefit from coating both sides.

10.   Refresh your mascara: Mascara is a product that can quickly dry up and go clumpy inside the tube. However, you can refresh the mascara and make it thinner by soaking the tube in a cup of hot water for a while. This will thin the mascara out and make it far easier to apply. It will also enable you to avoid clumps.

So, next time you are applying your mascara, take heed of some of these tips and tricks to help you achieve the perfect results.