You might consider yourself pretty hip—you wear all the right thrift-store clothes, you ride your antique bike, and you make handmade blankets out of recycled sweaters, but you ain’t seen nothing until you have the hottest, trendiest blinds on the market.

Blinds have really stepped up their game and now do all sorts of crazy things like harness solar power, block out sound and light, and even come with pictures printed on them—these ten trendy window blinds will show you how to take your windows to the next level.

1. Motorised Blinds

Motorised blinds are becoming more and more popular—they give you the feel of luxury and convenience, but they’re really not all that expensive these days. Motorised blinds are perfect for hard to reach windows or larger windows that might be a pain to open and close, or for Sunday mornings in bed when the bright sun is just really cramping your style.

2. Built-In Blinds

If you’re even slightly a germaphobe, or you just really hate dusting, then built-in blinds will be your new favorite thing ever. They’re blinds that are actually sandwiched between two solid panes of glass, meaning dust and bacteria can’t settle and clog up your view—or your lungs. Imagine never having to dust blinds again…

3. Faux-Wood Blinds

Wooden blinds are gorgeous and wonderful and everything, but you know what’s even better? Blinds that look like real wood but that don’t crack and shift due to moisture damage. Faux-wood blinds are the coolest window blinds, because you can actually hang them in moist rooms like bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms without worrying about the wood finish getting damaged and having to replace them in a few years.

4. Blinds with A/C

There’s nothing cooler than saving money—except maybe staying cool on a scorching day. Get the best of both with solar-powered A/C blinds, which are blinds that actually use solar panels built into the blinds to power an A/C unit. Turn off your money-guzzling A/C, and let your blinds keep you calm, cool, and collected.

5. Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are back on trend, thanks to a timeless and classic look that works in any room of the house. You can get them a wide variety of colors now, which can really spice up bland rooms and lets your inner interior designer go wild.

6. Honeycomb Blinds

Using a brilliant cellular design, honeycomb blinds help trap heat within tiny air pockets. This makes them ideal for both winter and summer, because they can stop heat trying to creep in your windows during the summer, and they prevent heat from seeping out during winter. You’ll save a bundle on heating and cooling, and they even help dampen outside noise.

7. Top-Down-Bottom-Up

Want blinds that can really move? Then you’ll love the popular top-down-bottom-up blinds. While definitely a mouthful to say, these blinds are so easy to use. You can tug them down or up so you can truly customize the exact amount of light you want in a room, while protecting your privacy.

8. Printed Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are already so fun to use—one quick tug and you get a satisfying “thwack!” as they roll up. Now they even come in printed options, so you can get neat pictures printed onto your blinds for kids bedrooms, themed rooms, or rooms that just need a little extra oomph.

9. Panel Track Blinds

Inspired by Japanese screens, panel track blinds are gorgeous options for large windows and sliding doors. They create a unique layered effect that really makes windows stand out. Panel blinds are incredibly useful too—they block sound, light, and heat, transforming rooms into peaceful oases.

10. Solar-Powered Blinds

Being eco-friendly is all the rage these days, and so it’s no surprise that we can now use our blinds to light our homes. These clever blinds harness solar power throughout the day, then shine bright as the sun sets. Install a few of these around your house, and you’ll cut your electricity bill in half—what could be cooler than that?