Bucket lists are becoming increasingly popular with even much younger people sitting down and creating them. While some people see it as a gimmick and others worry it’s a little morbid, it’s actually a great way to set goals and make the most of life. It also gives you an excuse to have a go at some things you probably thought you had missed your chance at.

Jet Surfing

Jet surfing is safe, fun, and you’ll get a great adrenaline rush. A jetsurf is basically an engine powered surfboard which lets you enjoy being out on the water while pushing your limits. Jetsurf is perfect for anyone that loves water sports and those who have always wanted to try an extreme sport.

Learn Photography

Photography is a great hobby and a wonderful way of capturing all those treasured moments. You probably already take plenty of photos of your family and friends, so why not learn how to do it properly?

Visit Somewhere New

If there is anywhere you have always thought about visiting but somehow never gotten around to, book it and get going. If you’ve been everywhere already, revisit some of your favorites or try something totally different you’ve never considered before.

Try a New Job

Many of us work in the same or similar careers for our whole working life. This is the perfect time to try something new. If you don’t want to commit, just do some volunteering.

Run a Race

Running a race gives you a fantastic sense of achievement and pride. It doesn’t need to be a marathon and you don’t need to win. Even if you finish last and walk across the line, you will feel amazing and get a great cheer.

Go Snorkeling

There is a beautiful world to explore just below the surface of the sea. Yet it’s one we often miss with all our traveling and hectic lives. Go snorkeling and see some of it.

Try New Food

We so often get stuck into a routine when it comes to food and meals. With so much of it available you’re bound to miss loads but make a list of anything you want to taste and start ticking them off.

Find Old Friends

Look up some old friends from school or your first job and find out what happened to them. Get in touch and share some stories with each other. Thanks to social media and especially Facebook, it is now easier than ever.

Change a Life

You can change someone else’s life in many ways. It doesn’t need to be a huge gesture like giving them a lot of money; it could be by simply giving someone some great advice or listening to them when they need help.

Start a Business

Starting your own business is a unique experience that everyone should try at least once. Whether it works out or not you will have the wonderful feeling of knowing that you started something from nothing.

They don’t need to be huge things. You don’t have to travel around the world or become a billionaire. It’s just about trying things, never giving up, and never worrying that it’s too late. Remember to always be safe and careful but, more importantly, to have some fun.