Heat poverty is a huge issue, with millions of pensioners in the USA suffering from a lack of warmth in the colder months of the year. It doesn’t have to be like this.



Want to get a head start this autumn, then start focusing on making your home more heat efficient. It’ll save you money and also ensure your home is warm this winter.


1. Make Sure Your Home Is Properly Insulated


The next time there is a dusting of snow outside, you should go and take a look. Some roofs melt the snow on the underside while others hold it on top. Aim for the latter since this means that you have a roof that is properly insulated. If the roof is bare, that means that there is heat escaping from your home.


2. Have Your Furnace Serviced On A Regular Basis


If your furnace is clean and efficient, this means that it is safe to run. Try looking for a company that offers service plans.


3. Replace Your Old Furnace with A More Efficient Model


You should check with the government in your local area to find out if there are any rebates or incentives offered to consumers who purchase energy efficient products. Ethanol fireplaces offer lower cost, more efficient heat and are worth exploring. Look at these offerings from Ethanol Fireplace Pros.


4. Concentrate On Heating Your Body


Wear slippers, socks, sweaters and other warm clothing around the house. If you are on the couch relaxing, cover up with a sheet or blanket. Since you will be warmer, there will be no need to have your thermostat up so high, which means that you will save money.


5. Check Your Home For Drafts


If you notice excess air entering your home, you should install some weather stripping.


6. Close Off Any Rooms That Are Not In Use


Closing the doors means that your heat will stay in the rooms that you use the majority of the time. You should close all of the vents in unused rooms as well. Bear in mind that basements should always be heated, even if you don't head down there often. Cold basements will make the first floor of your home feel chilly.


7. Close your Furnace


Always close the flue when you are not using it. If you don't do this, all of your heat will have the chance to escape.


8. Shut The Drapes At Night To Hold Heat In


You can open them during the day after the sun rises in order to benefit from a free heat source.


9. Purchase Or Make Window Draft Snakes


These are really useful and they look nice too.


10. Do Not Heat The Home For Pets



When you leave the house, turn the thermostat down. Your furry friends will be fine without the extra heat. Keep in mind they are equipped with a built-in coat and the love hiding under the covers.