Despite the fact that Auto Insurance San Diego, CA is one of the most searched up item across the Bay Area, many people are now inquiring about homeowner insurance. Before you go shopping for insurance, here are a few things that your homeowner insurance plan may not cover.


Whenever your sewer backs up, it can do serious damage to your walls, floor and concealed wiring. As devastating as these damages sound, they may not be covered by your standard insurance policy. However, there are other special policies for sewer backups that you can consider.


A typical homeowner’s insurance policy either limits mold damage or completely excludes it. Some insurance providers are willing to cover molds, only if the homeowner agrees to pay an extra premium. This means that the best way to keep your home safe from molds is to avoid molds altogether!


Many homeowners are relaxed, thinking that their regular insurance covers floods. However, they discover the truth far too late. Your insurance does not cover floods. For this reason, it is necessary to acquire a separate flood insurance policy if you live in a flood zone.


According to several insurance experts, homeowners’ insurance will not cover any damages caused by movements in earth, e.g. the emergence of a sinkhole. Certain states, however, incorporate sinkholes in their homeowner’s insurance plans. An example of such a state is Florida.

Pest Attack

Estimates by the National Pest Management Association suggest that termites cause over $5 billion in damages in the US every year. Given the significance of the matter, it comes as no surprise why homeowner’s insurance offers no coverage against termites attack.


Most of the standard policies have set limits on how much they will cover, in the event any antique item (jewelry or artwork) is damaged or stolen. The best way to keep your precious belongings safe is to look for alternate insurance policies that specifically cover these items.

Construction Damages

If you decide to renovate your home, bear in mind that your insurance policy will not cover any construction-related damages caused to the property. Contact your insurance provider and request for a separate policy to cover the potential damages. If you choose to hire a contractor, make sure that they are licensed in respect of any liability.

Cash Lost

The reason why homeowner insurance does not cover any cash lost or destroyed is because it’ll be very difficult to convince your insurance provider that you had hundreds and thousands of dollars stashed away in your drawers.


Earthquake falls within an “act of God”. Therefore, it is not covered by homeowner insurance.

Pool Incidents

Research indicates that the number of fatal drowning in residential swimming pools is alarmingly high. This makes pool incidents such a high risk area that no homeowner insurance offers coverage.

Canine Attacks

Some insurance companies exclude specific breeds known to be aggressive. Similarly, if your dog has bitten someone before, it may be excluded from your insurance policy.

Trampoline Mishaps

Like residential pools, a trampoline is another attractive nuisance with a high number of fatal accidents- rendering it uninsurable.