When my dad passed in 2004, my mom was "put" in my care. My uncle passed a month later and i was "given" the responsibility of also caring for  his brother. Both mom and my Uncle Ray have had major health problems during this time period. What makes matters worse is my uncle lives in the next state over.My whole life for the past 10 yrs has consisted of driving over the bridge ! Mom is now 92 and her brother is 88---neither has any $$$ saved or are on medicaid. I am doing all i can to keep a roof over their heads and mine. I myself am on disability due to a severe leg condition that i have to deal with on a daily basis.    I am feeling like i am in prison for a crime i didn't commit !  I want my life back---i have had nothing of my own ----i can't even get respite care --because there is no medicaid--i have to pay out of pocket--150$ a day==so that is out----anybody have any ideas ??