Baby Boomers,

Do you know what I am going to talk about today?

OK, maybe some of you do and some of you don't.

At the very least, you know it's going to be something good right?

That is your intuition talking to you.

What is your intuition?

Before you learned to utter your first goo goo,  gaa gaa or piercing cry you relied on your intuition to get what you needed.

Intuition is your first language.

Just like animals have their instincts hunting for food and avoiding danger, we human beings are born with intuitive abilities which navigate us to the best choices that we can make in our lives.

Can you picture when you were just a young pup about a day old?

You felt hungry.   How did you get food?

Intuition led you to the act of crying which brought on a reaction from your mother to feed you.

Had bad gas from dinner.  How did you get rid of it?

Intuition led you to the act of crying and your mother burped you.

Poopy start crying and shazam....clean diaper!

Your intuition was the way you drew attention to your most basic needs.

It was and still is your most basic communication with the world.

It is even more interesting to note that your mother also possessed a strong sense of intuition because she could tell what you wanted just by figuring out which scream meant what.

Pretty nifty huh?
Sadly, many have gradually ignored, overlooked and under-developed our sense of  intuition since our early years.  This is when our ego personality starts to develop and absorbs everything around us.
However, as a Baby Boomer do you feel that you are experiencing a personal consciousness awakening ?  Do you feel sharper and more focused on studying, learning and experiencing what life has to offer now than you ever have before?
I, for one, am totally in tune with enjoying life, especially the simple things.
As a "Baby Boomer" there is no better time to reclaim and rebuild your intuition than now.
As the intrinsic leader of the animal caste hierarchy on this planet, your intuition has developed into a more complex and advanced system than the basic survival, fear-based animal instinct of the majority of other living creatures. 

Your intuition is your spiritual power working through you, like an internet connection between you and the great universal wisdom.

Many great philosophers and inventors throughout history, including Sun Tsu, Leonardo Da Vinci and Steve Jobs have claimed that their "A-Ha" moments came through like ideas just dropping into their head.

They relied on their "intuitions" to make right decisions and direct them on the right course of success in life.

It is important to find out if you have a strong "intuition" because if you do then you should use it, confide in it and trust it as part of your everyday decision making - especially important life decisions.

If your "intuition" is weak, then it is important to develop the proper skills to focus on and redevelop it's strength and usefulness.
How would you like to find out just how intuitive you really are?

I found a wonderful quiz (20 questions) to help you explore your level of intuition.

It was developed by Yiye Zhang, a Chinese intuitive business coach and spirit guide. 

You can follow her work at :

This quiz will help  you to see how naturally intuitive you are and how well you utilize your intuition. 

Tomorrow, based on your scores, I will also list some tips to develop or strengthen your intuition, no matter where you are right now.

Understanding your intuition and listening to it can make your life much more interesting, rewarding and adventurous. If you are retired it can help you find your true passion in life.  If you lost your job recently, it can help you find the career direction that will bring you the most reward and satisfaction.  If you are in between relationships it will give you an idea of the type of person you should share your future with.  If you are experiencing family/friend issues it will help guide you fairly and compassionately in your decisions.

It is important to listen to your intuition.
Here we go.................
Answer each question quickly, honestly and decisively.

Choose one the following answers to each question: 

AlwaysSometimesOccasionally and Never.


You score:

3 for Always

2 for Sometimes

1 for Occasionally

0 for Never



1. When you visit a new place, you can feel something in the air, (“friendly”, “pressured”, “joyful”, “challenging”, “confusing” etc.) although you might not be able to put your finger on it straight away.

2. You experience telepathic connections with your loved ones.  Example: dreaming about your friends and then receiving an email from them, correctly guessing who is ringing you before picking up your mobile.

3. You experience deja vu.

4. You tend to get overly involved in other people’s problems or challenges.

5. You feel that you are connected with your "Higher Self" easily.

6. You experience “coincidences” during major changes.  Example: job hunting, relationship building, moving to another city/country.

7. You sense immediately if someone is lying to you (even if it is a white lie).

8. You feel hunches during your decision making process. You might not able to explain why at the time, but you are happy to follow the hunch. Only later on, you find out that your hunch has led you to synchronicity (showing up at the right place at the right time).

9. You accidentally predict the ending of a film, even though it might make you feel like a fool before seeing the ending.

10. You are sensitive to temperature or weather changes.

11. You have a photographic memory.

12. You can sense intention behind people’s actions. You have an "inner-knowing" that we are all confused and lost on some level, and when people hurt you it is because deep down they are scared.

13. During conversations with certain people, you can finish off their sentences, either out loud or in your head.

14. You have out-of-body experiences.  Example: through accidents, physical sickness

15. You can see things that others can’t “see” normally.  Example: auras, geometry shapes in the air.

16. You make fairly accurate predictions without deliberate guessing.  Example: friends getting married or being promoted.

17. You understand that your physical illness is a manifestation of your spiritual and emotional discomfort.

18. You can tell the differences between clear guided insights and overwhelming emotions.

19. You believe that there is universal energy flowing through everything.

20. You remember some of your past lives through dream, meditation or encounter with your soul family members.


So, how do you think you did?

Do you think you have a strong intuition?

Total up your points and hold on to that number until tomorrow.