2017 Kids Air Jordans, Now the Air Jordan 11 Low UNC is finally returning in retro this summer.The summertime is always when the Air Jordan 11 Low thrives, and the Air Jordan 11 Low UNC will return at the perfect time, over 16 years after the patent leather gem featuring Columbia Blue debuted at retailers in 2001. A little bit has changed since =the original, as an updated blue tint can be expected to hit the icy outsole unit to match the UNC shade on the mudguard. Everyone was beaten over the head with everything Space Jam-related this year. It was the 20th anniversary of the film, and it was a major opportunity for Jordan Brand, which had lost a bit of its luster over the past few years, to cash in big. This time it wouldn't just be about the Air Jordan XI, but the Air Jordan XXX1, Air Jordan 1, and even the Air Jordan IX that Jordan wore in the movie. Jordan Brand centered this year's campaign about the other guys in Space Jam: the Monstars, which MJ and his Tune Squad played against to save the universe. It would be the biggest celebration of one of the most cherished sneakers ever.
The New Jordans 2016 will always receive a big response when Jordan Brand decides to make a new pair, and it's a shoe that genuinely connects generations. People who bought them in 1995 want them just as much as a kid who discovered them last year. So it's complicated: The marketing campaign around the sneakers was fun and fresh this year. It felt nearly as big as the film when it first came out 20 years ago. Those who never saw the film were just as excited about the shoes as those who remember watching it as a kid. Michael Jordan fans of old bought them alongside those who only know him as the symbol for the most sought-after basketball sneakers on the planet. Sneaker culture isn't some niche, you-have-to-be-in-the-know thing. It no longer belongs only to the deepest corners of NikeTalk or those who have secret intel of when local boutiques are getting shipments of new shoes. It belongs to everyone. There's no barrier or entry-fee to call yourself a sneakerhead.
New Air Jordan Shoes, This was the final play in the 1996 cult classic film. An intersection between sport and popular culture, Space Jam saw Michael Jordan lead the Tune Squad, an undersized team made up of key Looney Tunes characters, against a group of aliens called the Nerdlucks who stole the powers of five NBA players, including Charles Barkley and Patrick Ewing, to form a super team known as the Monstars. With five seconds left in the game, Michael Jordan jumped, extended his arms, and willed his team to victory as his shot fell through the hoop at the sound of the buzzer. 78 - 77. Game. Add it to the list of Jordan's game winners. But let's take a closer look at the play. When Jordan took flight, he left his feet at center court. And when he extended his arm, he stretched it out the length of the half-court—with two aliens clinging on to him. We’re not in the United Center. We're not even on Planet Earth. This isn't the NBA Finals. The stakes are much higher. Welcome to the Space Jam.
With the film's 20th anniversary upon us, Jordans 2017 is ready to reintroduce Space Jam to a new generation—a group that may not have even been born when the film made its debut. Like anything Jordan Brand does, it's all about the story. In this case, it has an entire film to draw inspiration from: the game-winning play, the Tune Squad, Bugs Bunny, and, of course, Michael Jordan. But to celebrate 20 years, Jordan Brand moves its focus away from our favorite cartoon dream team. Instead, it wants to tell the story of the antagonists, the Monstars. As Christmas nears, brands are putting out the last of their holiday season releases. While Jordan Brand's biggest release of the season and possibly the year, was the "Space Jam" XI, the silhouette will see one more extremely limited release with the Air Jordan XI Premium "Grey Suede." Also, coming from Jordan Brand is the Air Jordan XVI "Midnight Navy," which is releasing for the first time since 2001 and the Air Jordan 1 "Storm Blue," which is releasing for the first time since 1986.