3.8TT 565 horsepower double clutch 6 speed transmission four - wheel drive system double wishbone multiple rear suspension carbon fiber drive shaft single brake 15 cross - drilling brake disc vehicle dynamic control system. Appearance: 20 rounds of forged aluminum alloy wheels four exhaust pipe after Sensor the spoiler brake lights. Comfortable and convenient: leather seats leather steering wheel 8 electric adjustment heating seat automatic headlamps dual zone automatic climate control tilt and telescopic steering wheel cruise control 8 inch display navigation electric lock (mirror and window) automatic lift window smart card (a key to start ) Multi-function display BOSE sound MP3 / USB interface Satellite radio Bluetooth Rear view camera Speed ​​sensor wipes Nissan connection service. Safety: double front airbags front seat belts die-cast aluminum inner door structure stability control traction control system front and rear parking sensor

  17 Nissan Nixiang God of War GTR overall shape more sharp, front front section, intake grille, headlamps and other parts of the design more sporty, atmospheric and offensive front grille identification is very high. The small facelift in the headlamps on the internal structure of a similar lightning-like LED traffic lights, and GT-R appearance is very coordinated. Beautiful roof lines pouring down, with full rear and rear spoiler echoes. The interior looks more luxurious, the center panel with a very moving carbon fiber elements, the front seats Suction Control Valve  have a good package, the work is extremely excellent. Three-style sports steering wheel integrates a large number of function keys to meet the daily use of the same time, but also increased the driving pleasure of the vehicle. Power parameters slightly improved, the performance and speed of God of War GTR can run with any of the Department of super-comparison, aerodynamic design is also very good.

    17 Nissan Nixiang God of War GTR uses a large diameter gas-free tires to increase the tire grip area; the same time, the computer Temperature Sensor control 6-block dual-clutch transmission, the new suspension system, a powerful braking system, perfect balance four-wheel load, The effectiveness and stability of the turn.