Bosch Group is the world's largest automotive technology supplier, headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany, the city's Bosch employees more than 230,000, more than 50 countries. In March this year, Bosch held a doctoral conference in Germany, announced the future of the three major Internet support strategy and the four major technical direction. One of the three major support that sensors, software and services, and the four major technical direction Sensor is the fog calculation and cloud computing, physical networking, regional chain, artificial intelligence. By 2020, Bosch's new electronic products will be interconnected. Among them, the key technology is artificial intelligence. In the next five years, Bosch will invest 300 million euros in new artificial intelligence center. Bosch is known for its innovative cutting-edge products and system solutions. Deep World Expo. Many of the technology in the automotive sector is derived from, for example, the well known ABS, TCS, diesel common rail high pressure jet system, gasoline cylinder direct injection system and so on. Internal and external, focusing on R \u0026 D investment, including forward-looking research and development, its business model is also quite successful in most markets are in a leading position.

  The mainland's technology has covered the current automatic driving, human-computer interaction, car networking and new energy trends of the four major changes. Continental Group was founded in 1871, is a century-old multinational group, the world's top 500, is the world's leading supplier of automotive products. In 2016, the Group's sales increased by 3% to € 40.5 billion from the previous year. The reason for this strong performance was mainly due to the growth of the auto group and the winter tire business. And their goal is in their own solutions Pressure Sensor to achieve the integration of human-computer interaction, integration of interconnection, driving services and automatic driving system integration. Continental cars are also German auto giants. The development of the mainland from the acquisition of Siemens VDO after talking about really into the top three auto parts, so his precipitation is not so heavy Bosch. Also known as technology, known for process control.

Valeo is an independent industrial group focused on designing, producing and selling auto parts. Valeo brings 14 innovative technologies to the 17th Shanghai International Auto Show to showcase Falfa's innovative solutions to the challenges of the major automotive market in Asia and to implement the Group's determination to support China. Valeo 48-volt belt from the power generation machine, leading hybrid technology in-depth mainstream automotive market for car manufacturers to provide practical, cost-effective technology solutions. Valeo from France is always a bit French romantic, innovative ABS Sensor and pragmatic. Appearance and sometimes elegant and sometimes playful, but in the deep internal strength, the progress of several years soon.
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Lear to the ordinary products stand in the automotive industry and continue to grow, every year some acquisitions, but are not large-scale mergers and acquisitions, and basically their own seat area of ​​vertical suppliers, steady.

Faurecia is a French auto parts company and is a world leader in car seats, emission control technology systems, automotive interiors and exterior trim. Driven by strong industry performance in all regions and significant contributions from Asia. After stripping the car exterior system, the Group is currently committed to two strategic priorities: win the green and the future and enjoy the car life. Foggia count in their own areas inside the deep plowing, no color is not out of tune. Providing system-wide solutions for passenger cars and commercial vehicle manufacturers to meet the needs of various models from Tata Nano to BMW M3.
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Modern MOBIS is an auto parts company, since its inception in 1977 has continued to grow and develop. Based on the best quality and technology, customer satisfaction services, 2015 ranked sixth in the global auto parts industry. 2016 corporate revenue of $ 31.7 billion. In 2017, Hyundai Motorbok opened a new driving test center in Korea, which provides comprehensive test facilities Throttle Position Sensor for routine vehicles and autopilot vehicles. The center is located at Seosan on the west coast of Korea and covers an area of ​​1.12 million square meters. The test site has 14 driving test lanes and four equipment test rooms.

Japan Aixin Seiki was founded in 1949, is the main supplier of Toyota auto parts, its auto parts manufacturing technology is famous. Ericsson will continue to strengthen its non-Toyota customers' business to further reduce its reliance on parent company Toyota and continue to increase its market share in China's own branded carmakers. At the same time, love letter will also complete the traditional engine piston business (2, to focus on capital and resources to strengthen cutting-edge technology research and development.

Magna International AG is an international auto parts manufacturer in Canada. In 2016 Magna has achieved great success, revenue growth far more than the market average, while the Group has a very strong cash flow. Last year, the successful completion of the German transmission manufacturer Gretac Getrag's acquisition, and will be well integrated into the group, which is in the group's strategic development process has taken an important step. 'Magna products are very rich, from the inside and outside to the powertrain, from the mechanical parts to the pieces Pressure Switch of material and then to the electronic parts, but also the only parts company can manufacture the vehicle business last year, the acquisition of the German gearbox giant Getrag, Even more powerful.
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Denso company, is the world's third largest, Japan's largest supplier of auto parts, the company's main stronghold is located in Aichi Prefecture as the center of the industrial zone. At first, Toyota's subsidiary parts suppliers, and later became a subsidiary of Toyota Group. The main production of automotive air conditioning systems, ignition systems, fuel injection systems, engine ignition control systems. 2017 Nippon Denso in CES published a very cool Touchless HMI system, without hand, you can control the car, the system will follow the driver's head and sight, to judge and control. Japan's economic circles have this argument, if the Toyota than the sun, Denso is sunspots.