For the excavation of excellent automotive interior design talent, collecting creative car interior solutions. By Yan Feng Auto Parts System Co., Ltd. hosted the 'front speed. Chuang enjoy' the first Yan Feng car interior design competition kicked off in September 2017. Yanfeng to 'create a beautiful car life' for the mission to the ability Sensor to quickly change the fundamental, continue to focus on innovative ideas and technology, together with the overall solution of intelligent cockpit and lightweight components design. Closely around the global automotive industry trends, to create intelligent, environmentally friendly and comfortable space. The competition revolves around personal cars and car sharing, the target user's aesthetic taste and daily life needs, to solicit customer satisfaction with the ultimate, comfortable, creative solutions. The contest provides an opportunity for innovative thinking, providing a platform for specialized, intelligent, agile and creative design, and creating opportunities for design talent exchange.

   As the first Yan Feng car interior design contest, the invitation of Tongji University and the United States creative design institute two of the world's top design college students to participate in the competition. And invited the world's leading car manufacturer design director as the tournament judges, can be called a real sense of the international events. Step-by-step event arrangement and counseling to effectively promote the future designer of the interior design of the systemic thinking and at the same time to stimulate their infinite prospects, help college students to achieve design dreams. The current car industry is facing the transformation of the thinking mode, driving mode is from the manual driving mode to semi-automatic or even automatic driving mode of development, this change has a far-reaching impact on consumer behavior. At the same time, the integration Temperature Sensor and adaptability of higher artificial intelligence control system, intelligent transportation system, and ubiquitous personal interactive devices, will affect people in the car and the surrounding activities, while greatly enhance the security of mobile. These changes will have a large impact on the future design of the vehicle. Yan Feng has been committed to leading the development of automotive interior, fit the automotive industry changes, the development of creative programs to enhance the user experience.

   The competition combined with the development trend of the car, the development of creative programs. The future, full of emotion and have a unique functional design, so that consumers can experience a higher quality mobile life. In addition to the use of different ways, both in terms of emotional and functional, consumers have a higher expectations of the interior experience. The contest will be divided into two major groups of car users: individual owners and shared cars. In order to distinguish between individual owners Pressure Sensor and shared vehicle users, the design contest will be divided into two groups, for 2030 level 4 automatic driving vehicle interior, for more in-depth concept analysis, the development of specific programs.

   In mid-September, at the American Creative Design Institute and Tongji University held a contest start ceremony. Yan Feng leadership, design department and the participating teachers and students attended the event. The two sides to carry out active exchanges and interaction, on the theme of the event and design requirements in-depth discussion and exchange. After the launching ceremony, Yan Feng will work closely with the university Speed Sensor to conduct regular counseling for the participating students and review the design plan.