Starters fill the long gap between reaching a restaurant and having your main course served. Most of us prefer eating light with our drinks before ordering the main meal. With varying and numerous choices at hand, it’s difficult to select from a wide range of dishes and narrow it down to one dish.
Let’s make this task slightly easier by remembering these starters for the next time before ordering the main-course: 

Texas Cheese Poppers

Cheese is the most delectable source of protein and calcium. While waiting for the enchiladas or the tenderloin steak, these poppers will satisfy your munching needs along with your favourite cocktail or draught beer. The Monterey jack, cheddar cheese with cilantro makes this dish suitable for any meal of the day including breakfast.

Signature Wings

Can you remember how many times you’ve ordered the chicken wings? They’re perhaps the most common kind of starters that go with almost anything. They can be ordered with your choice of sauce; spicy & tangy or BBQ. Served with cool ranch dressing sauce and fresh carrots, this starter makes up for the missed main-courses.

Classic Nachos

Enjoying a movie at the theatre or just slouching at home in front of the TV, nachos are a perfect snack or appetizer. Munch away while cheering for your favourite football team at Chili’s Powai.  These delights are topped with melted cheese, jalapeños, beans and queso on every chip. The Classic Nachos can be customized by adding grilled chicken to make them even more delicious.

Chili’s Malad has a wide range of starters that can substitute any meal of the day. So drop by for lunch or dinner at Chili’s restaurant to treat your taste buds with the amazing flavours of American cuisine.