3 High Paying Jobs in Casino Industry The iGaming industry has seen a huge growth over the last few years. With new technologies being developed and popularity of online casinos exponentially increasing, there are more and more job opportunities to be found within the industry as well.

Those looking for a change of career or with an interest in gambling can land themselves some very lucrative positions in exotic locations and with quite flexible working schedules. Since so many casinos are based in exotic locations, getting a job with one of these operators will often lead to relocation to a paradise island such as Malta or Curacao.

On top of a great salary and a possibility to live somewhere else, these jobs often don't require special education as companies are more interested in employing people willing to learn and demonstrating passion for the job. So, what are the three most sought-after positions in the iGaming industry?

Support Agent

If you’re looking to get involved with online casino industry, becoming a support agent is probably your easiest way in. The job doesn’t require too much previous knowledge, as you only need to know online gambling basics. Everything else you can learn on the spot.

Of course, support agents don’t have as much freedom as others involved in the industry, as it is a job with fixed hours. You need to be around when players need assistance and you need to be able to provide this assistance to some extent at least.

However, the salary is very decent and, save for a few rude customers here and there, this isn’t a very stressful job. Also, it can help you move up the ladder and if you are committed, you can expect to advance fairly quickly. The average yearly salary is somewhere around €24 000.

Affiliate Manager

Affiliate managers within the casino industry play a very important role. They are in charge of cooperating with various marketing outlets and it is a part of their job to contact online comparison websites. Affiliate managers make deals with these sites to promote their online casino brand in exchange for a revenue share from those players and other perks such as better bonuses, special promotions, etc.

The iGaming industry relies on affiliates quite heavily, as these sites are the ones who bring in a large percentage of the overall player pool. Thus, affiliate managers are paid well and they often have a lot of freedom in terms of hours they work. This is a kind of job where end results are what matters the most. The average yearly salary is somewhere around €38 000

Casino Manager

The role of a casino manager is perhaps the most technical of the three. These are usually jobs reserved for people with some experience in the industry, as they require you to know the inner workings of a casino. Casino managers are in charge of day to day casino operations, be it dealing with games, promotions, finances, or anything similar.

Of course, with more responsibilities come a bigger pay and more freedom, as casino managers are the “bosses,” so this is definitely one of the more desirable jobs, not only in this industry but in general. It takes some work and years to get in a position to apply for such a job, but this is definitely one industry where it is completely possible to start at the bottom and work your way up fairly quickly. The average yearly salary is somewhere around €100 000.