Nowadays, wall-hung toilets and enclosed cisterns are the topmost choices for the modern, designer bathrooms. If you’ve short of bathroom space or you are looking to give your bathroom a sleek and minimalist feel, the enclosed toilet cistern can be a good option. When bathroom space is an issue, you should consider installing an enclosed cistern for your toilet. These cisterns are quite easy to install and remain out-of-sight behind the wall or in a unit connected to the toilet pan. No matter what, they can contribute to a much cleaner, elegant looking bathroom décor with smaller toilet dimensions, fulfilling all the functions of a standard close-coupled system.


The Important Things to Look for in an Enclosed Cistern for Toilet-

1. Size and Location –

Enclosed cisterns are going to the only option if you have specific space. You should check out height and depth of the partition in a careful way against the arrays of enclosed cistern varieties available on the market. Keep in mind that, these are the only viable alternative to a back-to-wall pan that makes them the only option for a back to the wall or wall-hung toilet.


So, when shopping for a unit compatible with a wall-hung toilet, look for an enclosed cistern that incorporates a hanging frame perfectly. This frame will be kept just behind the wall and carry the pan weight as well as provide a neat space for the cistern. Whatever the type of pan you choose, make sure it’s compatible with the cistern you requirement beforehand.

2. Valves and Accessibility-

Enclosed cisterns are operated through valves with either pneumatics or a cable. If possible, you should go for pneumatics as it’s less likely seize up over time and shouldn’t be replaced more often. When it comes to maintenance, it’s necessary to consider accessibility while installing an enclosed cistern. Ask yourself, if something goes wrong, will you be able to access it efficiently and quickly? Can you reach to the flush pipe and isolate the water easily? With an easily removable panel, you can make sure that the access is never a problem during emergencies or general upkeep.


3. Flush-

Choosing a suitable style of flush can seem a stylish choice. But with a modern enclosed cistern, utilising pneumatic valves, you’ll go for the push-button flush type. It can give you the option of either 3 or 6-litre flush. If you are settled in traditional style flush, you need to look at older style enclosed cisterns. Jut keep in mind that, the traditional flushes need more maintenance than the contemporary ones and are less trusted than push buttons due to their cable and ball operation.



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