There is a growing necessity of the larger area rugs due to the increasing popularity of the open floor plans. These rugs can fit in any room regardless of the layout. One of the reasons why larger area rugs are preferred is the fact that they define space and improve the flow. They also provide starting points for your theme and scheme. Once you know how you benefit with the area rugs, you will find that you will choose the right shape and size that will complement the specific room that you are targeting depending with its theme and your personal needs. Below are some of the major tips that you can use to get the right rug size for your room.

Look out for the right room and rug size.

To get the best rug results, your first consideration should be the dimensions. If you get a rug that is too big for the room it will have the same appearance as someone wearing an oversized sweater. Similarly, an undersized rug appears like a tall person wearing short pants. Basically, it does not look proportional.

When choosing a rug ensure you get one that leaves 25-inch space between it and the wall. This consideration helps in domination of the space. The bigger the room, the more space should be left between the rug and the wall.

Complement the tones and match the texture to the function.

Getting an appealing rug canbe a room’s attracting part. It is therefore recommended to use assorted rugs in similar hues and color inks depending on each room. Ensure you go select the texture of the rug and its durability based on the space it will occupy. For instance, you can choose a thick and soft rug for the children’s rooms. This type is great for romping and playing on.  Likewise, the entry point should have an easy-to-wash rug as well as that which can withstand muddy shoes and bustling feet.

Consider the space, context, size and the function. This way, it will be easy to place a rug in the right room and create the appearance that you adore.

The room should dictate the rug.

The theme and use of each room should dictate what type of rug to use. For instance, the bedroom rug ought to sit perpendicular to the bed with a small part of the rug sitting under the bed. In this case, you need to get the right size of the room so that you ensure that you settle for the right rug size for the room.


Sitting room in a large open area and the size and dimensions of the rug will depend on the areas the seats have taken and their arrangement.