Our modern lifestyles make it easy to move from place to place, and it often starts right out of high school.

Typically, we select a college based on interests, not the location. And that allows us to experience a place we may never have been before. It allows us to explore new places and even new cultures. 

Then life happens. We take a job in a new city. And we’re faced with the prospect of discovering a life in a place where we’ve never been before. You have to find a great neighborhood, select the right place to live, make sure it’s convenient to the things you like to do, and hopefully, put you in touch with people of similar lifestyles. You know, provide you with a group of friends you can hang out with on a regular basis. 

That’s a tall order for any move. And no matter if this is your first move or your tenth, it can be an overwhelming process. 

The thing is in most cases, you gravitate to a job and to a region for certain reasons. In many cases, it selects you as much as you select it. Which means you have more in common with your new area more than you think, just by having it come up on your radar and moving forward with your options. 

The rest can be easily managed if you let it happen. That’s what led you to West Richland, Washington. And that’s what can help you create a lifestyle here you’ll love. 

The decision is made. West Richland, Washington is about to become home. Before you pack up your first box and face the unknown, there are many ways you can get ready for the transition. 

Start by reaching out

We live in the age of technology. Everyone knows someone that can be a connection. You have heard of the Six Degrees of Separation theory, haven’t you? As you begin the process, reach out and ask people if they know someone who already lives in Richland. In many cases, a friend of a friend of a friend will know someone and be happy to make the introduction. While this might not be a lifelong friend, it may be someone that can give you a few resources, introduce you to something new, even meet you for coffee and spend an hour helping you define your new destination. 

If you use social media regularly, post something on Facebook, ask a question on LinkedIn, or tweet it out to the world. Chances are you’ll soon have a response that can lead you to a person in the area, with at least one common interest or friendly piece of advice. This can get you started on finding the coffee house you’ll use on your way to work, or the gym you’ll work out at in the evenings. 

Resource up

Today’s resources are virutually unlimited. With the powerful little device you hold in your hand, you have all you need to dive extensively into the new neighborhood you’ll – very soon – call home. Start with the local news. The Tri-City Herald can provide you with a general overview of what is happening in the community. It can show you the top features and provide you with local entertainment. It can help you find interests and give you further places to search. Do they mention a hike you’d like to take? A softball team you’d like to join? A theater you’d like to monitor for upcoming events? This overview can quickly give you resources to help you dive more in depth.

Then, with a few more clicks of your mouse, you can find travel guides, meetups and other events that can help you get out and into the action quickly. The Tri-Cities visitor guide can help you find everything from fantastic restaurants to the best shopping in town. Even places like TripAdvisor can give you recommendations on things to do. From the moment you decide to make the move, do a little research and keep a list of the things that interest you the most. Then schedule them. If you know you’ll be in town, purchase those tickets; it’s a great way to force yourself to get out and get active. 

Get lost

While we all do well with a plan in place, sometimes your best course of action is to get lost instead. While West Richland has everything you’ll need to live comfortably, it still has a small town feel. And while getting lost in the middle of town may be possible when you first arrive, it won’t take more than a turn or two to get you back on track. Those lost moments are when you can find true hidden treasures. That’s when you can find a little café to fall in love with. Or the farmers market you’ll visit every weekend. Or the park your daughter will enjoy for the next few years. Or the neighborhood you’ll choose to live in. 

Select a new area and just wander. Get out of your car and wander the streets. Walk through the park. Visit the stores in the quaint neighborhood community. Talk with the store owners. Ask for opinions. Visit with the neighbors and find out why their community is the best. Ask for referrals on where to wander next. You’ll make friendships and receive a lot of great advice this way. 

You may also find your perfect home. A newly built home that caters to your exact needs and specifications in a neighborhood filled with others choosing to make West Richland their new home. A community that cares about providing the latest in technology and energy savings. A community that is built with today’s lifestyles in mind. And if you want to add personal touches? Not a problem. You can do that too. 

With all of that in mind, West Richland may be the perfect place to call home. A place you’re never going to want to leave.