Baby Boomers,

Have you ever woke up in a silly mood?

Well, Thank Goodness today is "Silly Saturday" because I am feeling ultimately silly.

You know, most times the internet is a great tool for inspiration and motivation.

Every page you click on seems to have some sort of snappy saying that is meant to brighten your day, give you hope or let you know that someone else in this big, cold world shares your deepest feelings and innermost secrets.

Most times, you are happy to come across these sayings and most times they do make an impression with you.

But sometimes, don't you just wish you could put aside all of this serious self improvement and character strengthening.

Maybe just have some fun, do things a little different and inspire the world to be more silly?

Hopefully, today I will do both for you.

Please enjoy this wonderfully "silly" infographic I found that is a little more light-hearted than the rest.

It may be silly, but I'm sure it will make you feel better about yourself.