With the UAV, robot, AR / VR, mobile phones and other hardware devices can use the depth of information to achieve a variety of key new features, depth sensor is becoming an important direction Sensor of the hardware iteration. Depth cameras and multi-component solutions consisting of multiple cameras are taking the path of smaller and lighter evolution.

   Airy3D from Canada's new technology to develop 3D depth of information capture technology: by adding a layer of a single sensor surface mask, through appropriate calculations, you can get the depth of space information, they will be called this structure Transmissive Diffraction Mask (TDM).

  Airy3D's approach is to design a special fine structure on an ordinary wafer and provide a matching key algorithm. Light through this special structure, according to the object (light source) away from the lens distance, resulting in differentiated diffraction signal, and then through the Airy3D proprietary image processing algorithm to resolve the 2D color image information and 3D depth information. One of the advantages of this approach is the cost of the mask material is very common, the use Temperature Sensor of traditional semiconductor technology, such a production process than the processing of multiple sets of imaging lens in the cost of more advantages, but also easy to mass production. The second advantage lies in the sensor of different band signals, whether RGB sensor or infrared sensor, using this method to obtain the depth of information is more general principle, but also can use a single lens and lower cost of additional computing to solve the problem The
  Since this mode does not require additional drivers for other sensors, it does not provide additional power to the system. The adaptability of this program is very strong, their first generation of products ideal to identify the distance, in front of the camera 1 cm to 10 meters. In terms of point cloud accuracy, it is possible to meet the criteria of its investor Bosch in the automotive industry, and in the delay of dynamic information acquisition, they can do it in just a few milliseconds. Over the past two years, Airy3D has been using the market ready-made CMOS image sensor to develop passive single sensor 3D information acquisition technology. Earlier this year, Airy3D and a global top image sensor company reached a strategic partnership, the Airy3D's TDM technology Pressure Sensor and the company's existing flagship image sensor combined to produce a new 3D image sensor. Using the existing production equipment, this image sensor company is manufacturing commercial 3D image sensor, and will be available later this year.

  Dan is confident of the product's market prospects. Their current focus is on mobile phones, VR / AR equipment and other consumer electronics, as well as automotive applications. There are many ways to achieve deep information acquisition, such as stereo camera array, microlens array, structured light, TOF and other methods. The Airy3D program is the industry's first. Although Throttle Position Sensor the ideas and principles of this program is easy to understand, but want to do accurate output point cloud data, you need to continue to try on the algorithm. Can be commercialized at this stage, Airy3D development with a considerable lead.