Everyone loves saving a buck where they can, and it’s no different when it comes to buying a home in Anchorage, Alaska. Enlisting the help of a Realtor in your home search can save you time,

money, and stress! Here are four advantages of using a Realtor:

Price expertise. While anybody can spend a few moments online and get info on sales prices of certain types of properties, or homes in certain area, a Realtor possesses the experience to confirm if a particular home is over-, under-, or well-priced, so he/she can advise you on how to bring the most competitive offer.


Repair negotiations. One of the most sensitive facets of a real estate transaction is agreeing on which repairs the seller will perform prior to transferring the property to you, the buyer. Not only can a Realtor recommend the highest-quality home inspector, but he/she can also help you prioritize repairs and negotiate competitively.


Access to legitimate listings. As a buyer, wading through houses online can be overwhelming; sometimes you’ll find properties that are advertised online but aren’t actually for sale anymore, or you may not see a listing online because the seller doesn’t want it to be widely publicized. Your Realtor will be able to steer you away from bogus listings and towards listings you may not have access to on your own.

Paperwork. If you’ve been through a home purchase or sale before, you know that the paperwork alone can be a huge stressor! With myriad forms and complex language, you may not know exactly what you’re signing, or how to articulate an idea in the proper real estate terms, which boxes to check and which to leave blank. A Realtor then is indispensable, with experience with and advice concerning the forms involved.

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