Personal hygiene is important for everyone, especially seniors who mostly face difficulties maintaining it. It is paramount to know that hygiene isn’t only a personal issue with seniors but also leads to social isolation. Managing a routine is essential to retain a sense of purpose and livelihood and personal hygiene is a mainstay for everyone.

Lack of personal hygiene leads to various health issues. Families must look for the main cause of such issues to find an appropriate solution to advice their aging loved one in a respectful way or help them maintain overall hygiene by offering assistance or consulting a reputable senior home care Plano,Texas provider for professional assistance if their busy work routine doesn’t allow them to care for their aging parents or relatives. These caregivers not only allow seniors maintain personal hygiene but also encourage socializing by helping with bathing, toileting, dressing and grooming.

Here are some of the root causes of senior hygiene issues.

1. Frail Physical Conditions

Frail physical conditions often lead to experience various challenges including personal hygiene as well. Physical challenges are quite easy to identify, like when bending is difficult for seniors, it can cause foot hygiene issues or difficulties when holding hands up can lead to head lice and ticks or dirty and sticky hair. Encouraging seniors to exercise regularly can help bending and holding hands up to maintain personal hygiene or you can also assist your senior loved one with it.

2. Depression

Depression and anxiety lie among the major causes of health decline and may demotivate seniors to lead a healthy and hygienic lifestyle. There are many factors causing depression in seniors, but by understanding these factors and treating them to alleviate stress can help elderly cope with many health issues. You can also discuss this issue with their doctor or a well-known home care plano agency to learn about effective solutions to boost their encouragement and happiness.

3. Sensory Impairment

A decline in senses is common among seniors. They often experience declining sight, smell, hearing, touch, taste and spatial awareness. They feel embarrassed and defensive when asked if something smells and tastes good or bad. This is the reason that they become unable to realize whether or not they smell bad, and this bad smell is caused by lacking hygiene and various medications. Understanding the relation of sensory decline and personal hygiene is essential to specifically advice your aging loved one. It may be wise telling them to use two puffs instead of three puffs of perfume rather than telling to wear less.

4. Memory Impairment

Impaired memory leads to forgetfulness for many random things, just like personal hygiene. If your elderly loved one is unable to remember such things, daily reminders or digital memo can work well for this situation. If their condition seems more serious than just an occasional missed shower or brushing the teeth, your loved one may have dementia, which can make routine activities quite challenging to remember and execute. If you are certain about this reason then seeking professional help is essential and age-in-place or home care plano solutions may be ideal for them.




Discussing personal hygiene with your aging parents and other senior loved ones is important, but understand the factors associating is even more important to progress the discussion and help them learn ways to manage it. Encourage your loved ones to follow healthy habits so they can stay active and have less health and hygiene issues in their golden years to enjoy high quality of life.