Staying in touch with your customers and building relationships is a great way to ensure they keep on coming back! It can be difficult to figure out how to maintain discourse with them in the long run. Here are four effective ways to stay on their radar!


Establish a strong social media presence


The best place to keep in touch with your customers is where they keep in touch with each other! Maintaining a strong social media presence is very important for community management.


This doesn’t mean that you have to be across all of the major social media platforms. Determine which websites/applications your target audience are most active on and start from there.


Social media shouldn’t be where you make your sales pitches. Focus on providing them value, so that they don’t mind seeing you or engaging with you on their timeline. Remember that they can always unfollow you.


A great place to read more about this philosophy is in Gary Vaynerchuk’s book, ‘Jab, Jab, Right Hook’.


Maintain an email newsletter


Using EDM (electronic direct mail) newsletters is a great way to stay in regular touch with your consumer base while providing them value.

Your newsletter can contain links to content from your website, exclusive deals and calls to action to encourage your audience to keep engaging with your business.


Maintaining email newsletters is why it's so important to collect emails from customers and build lists. You can segment your lists based upon demographics or how they’ve engaged with you previously, allowing you to tailor different newsletters to different groups of people.


There are plenty of great websites such as MailChimp or Active Campaign which can help you set up newsletters and also look at analytics such as open and conversion rates.


Make an effort to personalise


One of the easiest ways to build an ongoing relationship with your customers is to personalise communications where possible.


Focus on your most passionate, high-value customers and reach out to them every now and again with personal communications. This will make them feel valued and continue to be advocates for your brand.


This is particularly useful for businesses with a smaller amount of clients. Try and keep in touch with your high-value customers’ lives and congratulate them on achievements and milestones.


This can also be done on a broader scale through email automation on websites such as Mailchimp mentioned above. These allow you to automatically insert the details of each individual email recipient into your emails. The little things count.


Host live events


What better way to stay in touch with your customers than to invite them to an in-person event? This can take many forms, be it a networking event, seminar, fundraiser or simply a customer appreciation event.


For example, a business that teaches clients about forex trading like Learn to Trade holds free workshops for customers, teaching them trading and risk management.


These events can be really fun or useful for your customers and thereby foster stronger loyalty to your business. Importantly, they are also an easy way to personally talk to some of your best customers and build stronger relationships.


If you choose to host an event, be ready for a lot of preparation and time expended! There are a lot of logistics to manage. They’re worth your time nonetheless.



With these four strategies, staying in touch with your customers is easier than ever! Foster long-term relationships that keep them loyal to your brand.