Home decoration trends change every year, sometimes even multiple times in one year. Suddenly, what was fashionable just a few months ago is out of style. According to home decor curators Nathan+Jac, this rapid change can be attributed to two factors.

One is our love for ever-changing technology while the other is the influence of social media. The latter makes us more open to international trends. Keeping up with these changing trends can be tricky when you want to give your home a make-over. For that reason, here are the home decoration trends to watch for in 2017.

1. Terracotta Tiles

Tiles in white or cool colors were the most popular with homeowners in 2016. But according to Lauren Macer of Sisalla Interior Design, they will make way for warm tones such as terracotta this year. And unlike in the past when terracotta was used for borders only, Macer predicts that it will play a more dominant role in rooms. She sees it on feature walls and fireplaces. In addition, it will be in a matte finish, which lends character to an interior.

2. Green Colors in Milk Paint

Pantone, a notable authority on color, has declared Greenery to be the color of the year for 2017. Inspired by nature, and in particular, the color of grass and vegetation, this rich shade of green is already an instant hit. It brings a hint of nature into a room and contrasts well with terracotta tiles.

In keeping with the green theme, homeowners are resorting to environmentally friendly paints such as milk paint. As the name suggests, milk paint traces its roots back to paints made from curdled milk in The Middle Ages and has been used for centuries. Today, companies like Real Milk paint make their products from organic materials. Milk paint color options from Real Milk Paint are wide and varied, and completely nontoxic.

3. Nooks

Because of the fast pace of modern life and the pressures that come with it, people are reacting by creating a private space in their homes. Known as a nook, this is a quiet place in the house where you can retreat and enjoy time alone or with your family. A nook can be either an entire room or just a corner in your bedroom.

What constitutes an ideal nook? For one, it must be devoid of modern distractions such as TVs, gaming consoles, or smartphones. In their place should be comfy sofas, floor cushions, love seats, and bookshelves full of inspirational books. And if you have to include a distraction in a nook, let it be a welcome one like soft music.

4. Voice-Activated Personal Assistants

If you are love both home decoration and technology, Shawn DuBravac of the Consumer Technology Association says that voice-activated assistants will be widely adopted by homeowners in 2017. Two of the most popular assistants are Amazon's Alexa and Google Home. Both are voice-activated and at your command, they can turn on or dim the lights, play a song, check traffic conditions, and much more.

Home decoration trends change rapidly and keeping track of them can be a nightmare. Let us know what your personal favorites are.