Your logo is the visual representation of your blood brand. It embodies your business identity and it will serve to create a trust and family rarity in the minds of your audience. There are many ways to approach designing a logo which includes creating it yourself or using one of many logo creation online websites like Shopify. Business owners that want to spend a little bit more on logo can always get a freelancer to design one for them for a cost-effective price.

However, there are also established company that are willing to pay professional designers thousands of dollars to create a logo that embodies their brand message. Regardless of whether you are starting a new business or you want to redesign your current logo, there are several important factors that you must keep in mind to see your logo is up to par for a brand identity.


Here are several questions that you need to ask yourself when you are designing your logo and you want to evaluate if it is the right logo design for your company.



1.       Is your logo comprehensive?

Your logo design is an integral part of your branding effort and it should be consistent with all of your other visual assets. Besides being an appropriate symbol for your company, you must also ensure that it is authentic to your industry. Carefully choose your logo to avoid selecting one that can disconnect your audience from the right perception of your products and services. One thing to remember when you are hiring a professional web designer is to see their portfolio of logo designs that they have done from previous clients so that you can evaluate is that professional designer is suitable for what you want your logo to embody.

With so many professional designers out there ranging from freelancers to the ones that you can find in a professional design agencies, you must be able to evaluate if they can deal a good job for you. Do not be afraid to ask their portfolio of work that they have done, particularly for a logo designs. Working with the right professional logo designer is an important decision because it will affect the results you will receive from your logo.

2.       If your logo simple?

If you try to cram too much into a logo, it will end up looking cluttered and confusing. Your logo creation process should be guided by a mindset to keep it simple and minimal. The right way to do it is that you need to select an element, text or image that you feel that embodies your business. You can get your professional logo designer to consult you regarding the images or text that they used in the logo. Avoid using photographs or images in your logo creation process which includes text for a lot of fine details. This will cause your audience to lose clarity when they are used in smaller dimensions.

It can also become irrelevant as your business grows over the year. As mentioned earlier, your professional logo designers should try to stick to one, simple shape or symbol for maximum clarity and longevity in your logo.


3.       Does your logo fit a multipurpose branding strategy?

This is a question that you need to ask your professional designers because it must fit in a variety of different dimensions. It should be able to be blown up into billboard proportions but also look good in a way that it is squeezed into a small box on social media. Having a professional designer create a vector graphic for you will enable you to scale your logo probably properly into a graphic file that does not lose its quality when it is resized. Therefore, having a lot of fine details will make your logo lose its clarity when it is shrunk into smaller dimensions.

4.       Have you protected your brand?

You have probably worked really hard to create a logo for your business that you are proud of. Logo creation is not a simple process and it can take up to months depending on the revisions that it requires. One way to protect your logo is by writing up brand guidelines that will instruct your staff, affiliates, media or any third parties on how they should use your logo. You can also get your professional logo designer to write this out for you so that you logo remains consistent on different channels and platforms.

One last thing before we wrap up this article, you need to love your logo. Try out different variations with your logo designer until you are completely satisfied with it. Your logo is one of the most visible elements in your business and you need to be proud of it when you look at it.