It is not wise to shop on layby stores and start making payments when you are not pretty sure where to find the installments required –especially the weekly payments. Whatever you find in a store and you want to purchase it, make sure that you have planned on how to make sure you get it. 


Everything that has a positive side is bound to have negatives that most people do not know about, or the negatives are so minor that the people shopping do not care about them. Not everything about Lay by stores is good and it is wise that you know about the negatives while you go into a store so that you are sure you want to buy or not when you know everything there is to know. Whenever you are looking to shop in a store where you have to pay cash, you only pay the exact price of the product that you are after. On layby stores you will have to go through some process before you receive the product that you purchased for a number of weeks at the very least. The following are the four disadvantages that come with the use of layby shopping:

I. Delayed Acquisition of the Goods

Whenever you shop in a Lay by store you have to wait for the goods till you are through with the payments. This makes it hard for you to enjoy the merchandise that you are purchasing and it goes a long way in making you less committed to pay up the installments. Unlike when you purchase a product on cash, in a layby store you will have to wait till all payments are cleared.

II. Cancellation and Service Fees

Some of the major concerns about Lay by shopping are due to the added costs that you could easily avoid if you had the ability of paying in cash for your goods. These charges make the total amount of money that you will end up spending a hell lot more than that of a person who bought the same item in cash.

III. Change in Prices of Goods

The other disadvantage of shopping on Lay by stores is the fact that if the goods decrease in prices you will still have to clear the installments based on the original prices. This will be a disadvantage for you at all-time except when the prices go up and you still have to part with the same initial amount that you had agreed on. There however some stores that will try to increase the rice as it rises in the market so you should choose the store you shop in very carefully. 

IV. Selected Commodities 

Lay by stores may have simplified the payment process for most people with limited income who still want to have certain expensive products. The problem with these stores is that the goods on sale are normally a selected category such as jewelry and electronics, this limits the buying power of the customers since it’s impossible to have something like a toy or some other small items on sale.


For these reasons, shopping on Lay by stores loses its attractiveness and even customers who might have been looking to buy products that are not on sale. To avoid some of these advantages, you can talk to the store owner before making any purchases and you might come across a store that sells at terms you can work with.