When looking to install flooring materials, one of the factors most homeowners are likely to be mindful of is aesthetics. However, with the costly nature of buying and installing flooring materials, it will be important to think about durability as well. This would be particularly important for homeowners who have kids and pets or would like materials that can withstand wear and tear. Today, there is a wide variety of options from which homeowners can choose. Here are some of the most durable flooring materials that professionals of flooring in San Diego recommend

Concrete is one of the most durable flooring options. Although the material is commonly used in restaurants and pubs, few homeowners prefer it as a flooring option for their homes. While concrete is available in several aesthetically pleasing finishes, it may not be a good choice for high-traffic areas in the home. Concrete is also expensive, cold on bare feet and difficult to apply perfectly. Choosing concrete may require the use of area rugs or installation of radiant heating. 

Natural stone
Since the stone weathered extreme conditions under the earth’s surface for thousands of years, it will withstand numerous hostile conditions. The material is not only durable but will also offer elegance and ease of maintenance. In terms of durability, natural stone performs as well as concrete. However, harder varieties such as travertine and granite are known to last longer than the softer ones.

Although it is difficult to remove from the yard, bamboo makes for an attractive material when used on floors. The tough grass is eco-friendly and affordable, factors that have made it popular among many homeowners. Some of the reasons why bamboo is durable include its resistance to stains and scratches as well as its ability to stick together when adhesives are used. Bamboo that is harvested at the right time is bound to be more durable than younger grass.

Although hardwood is one of the most durable materials, it is important to select the right variety of wood species. This is because some wood species will be more durable than others. For increased durability, it is important to choose the right finish and ensure proper maintenance. One of the advantages of San Diegohardwood flooring is that it is possible to restore the material to perfect condition.