With the rise of other marketing channels, it was expected that email marketing is headed towards extinction. Unfortunately, that’s not the scene, and more and more companies are increasingly looking for the ways to make their campaigns more effective.

Recent research shows that 51 percent of the marketers’ rate email marketing as the most efficient channel. It is followed by SEO which is a preferred choice of 45 percent of the marketers, and the rest 34 percent are focusing on the AdWords.

Good email marketing in India demands a lot of planning.  You have to put in thoughts and follow defined strategies to weave a campaign that will bear success. In this post, you’ll get some most important things to consider while planning an email marketing campaign.

 Know Your Audience

 It is the foremost step for any marketing campaign. Whether it is social media campaign or direct marketing or email marketing, it is important to know who the target audience is. Whom you want to reach with your messages? This analysis is necessary you will provide the content that’s relevant to the audience. You will be able to design effective email messages that are more engaging and will elicit some actions from them.

 While finalizing the email marketing campaign, it is better to segment your mailing list into several groups of prospects or customers. You can then design the content according to their specific needs and create emails around what they would like to know about and not what you want to tell them.  You can also think of specific offers for each group of customers in your mailing list

What Do You Want To Achieve?

Once you have identified the right audience for your campaign, the next thing is to find out the key objective of your email campaign. Is the campaign meant to educate the audience? Or is it intended to generate the leads, or retain the existing customers?

While the ultimate objective of your email marketing campaign may be to boost the bottom-line, but that’s too vague. Here are some very common goals.

Drive Real World Traffic

You have the send the email to your target audience, and they’ll have to use their mobile devices to show the offers or coupons in the email to the staff in the store.

 Increase Visitors On Your Site

In this, your email may contain the link to the landing page on your website, e-commerce store and the social media site.

Once you have identified the objective of your email campaign and the audience, you have to target them with the right content then.

The Content

First, you need to understand what content means for the customer. It may mean an important piece of information using which they may decide to buy a particular product or service. So you have to design the content keeping in mind your audience and not necessarily what you may want to tell them.

Results Matter

You have done all the hard work, and now you want to see how your campaign has performed.  These are some metrics viz. bounce rates, open rates, and click-through rates.

In the end, to be successful with email marketing in India, you’ll have to keep the tastes and customer preferences in mind.