Buying a house in Anchorage, Alaska is a big step. How do you get started? A bad Realtor can be more of a headache than a help, so it’s important to choose your real estate agent wisely. Here are 4 tips for finding the right Realtor:


1. Make sure they’re licensed! Any proper Realtor you work with will be licensed by the state of Alaska and belong to the National Association of Realtors. Both the real estate license and association membership carry with them an expectation of professional and ethical conduct. It also might be worth asking whether your potential Realtor does real estate as a side job or full-time; don’t be afraid to ask how many transactions he or she has been a part of in the past year.

2. Experience in the Anchorage market. Every real estate market is different; a Realtor trained in a rural Midwest town probably won’t be very helpful in the Anchorage market! Realtors who have worked in the Anchorage market for some time should have a clear understanding of the current economy and how it positively or negatively affects you as a buyer.

3. Tried and true systems & procedures. Ask any potential Realtor how they organize their transactions and business. Do they use antiquated or obsolete processes, or are they using the latest real estate technology? Do they have a transaction coordinator or office manager who helps run transactions, or do they do all of their business themselves? Considering you’ll be working with your Realtor for anywhere from a couple months to a couple years, how he or she does his or her business is important to consider.

4. Client testimonials. In this age of the Internet, experienced and successful Realtors should have at least a few online testimonials from previous clients. Do some research yourself by visiting the potential Realtor’s Zillow page or other review board to find out how well he or she has worked with others. While online reviews offer only a limited glimpse of who the Realtor is professionally, they can help give a more accurate picture of him or her.

The lesson? Use a local, experienced, and efficient Realtor. Buying a house with a Realtor has the potential to significantly increase or decrease your stress level during your home search, so be sure to thoughtfully select the right Realtor. Our team of four Realtors is local, experienced, and efficient, and we would love to help you make your real estate dream a reality. You can visit us online or  email us at, or call us at (907) 248-9653. Talk to you soon!Or you can visits us on our facebook ,google+, Pinterestdiigo pages .