Although we all like a cup of hot and nicely brewed coffee, sometimes the weather can be too hot for such a cup to be enjoyable. When faced by such a situation, it is possible for you to make simple iced coffee at home if you have the best coffee maker. There are different ways you can use to make a cup of tasty iced coffee and this article will cover 5 of them: -

Hot Brewed Coffee

To make your iced coffee, you’ll first need to brew your fresh, hot coffee while making it very strong such that after putting your ice, it won’t be too diluted. You should determine the best strength based on the number of ice cubes you intend to use. Once your coffee is boiled, add your sugar so that the granules can dissolve easily as they tend to do in hot liquids. Once it’s ready, pour it in a carafe and allow it to cool down to room temperature before transferring it into a fridge. Leave it for two hours and then enjoy chilled.

Cold Brewed Coffee

If acidity is an issue for you, this method will be ideal as it gives you tasty beverage with much lower acidity compared to hot brewed coffee. You will just need to pour your course ground coffee into a pitcher and then add the desirable amount of water to create a mixture. Cover the pitcher and then leave it in a cool place to steep for the recommended period (some recommend 12 hours). After steeping, sieve to remove the coffee grounds and this can be done using a coffee filter placed on a sieve. Serve your coffee in a glass and then add some ice cubes and desired amount of sugar.

Coffee Frappe

This method involves pouring a certain amount of freshly brewed and cooled coffee into your blender. Once this is done, you go ahead and add some mile and crushed ice and then blend for at least 10 seconds. This will leave the ice looking like rough snowball. If you’d prefer adding some sugar and flavors, go ahead and do it. Blend the mixture until its smooth and then serve in a glass.



To make a tasty glass of iced coffee, you’ll just need to add some aromatics such as orange ice cream, orange peels or some orange juice to your chilled coffee. You can also use other aromatics such as red raspberries to give you the desired taste. Just add them to the chilled coffee and enjoy.


There are also other methods which you can use to make a simple cup of iced coffee from the comfort of your home. All you need will be the best coffee maker, your ground coffee, water and ice cubes. You may also need a blender for some of these methods.