Men’s interest in women older than them is a phenomenon that gets scant attention in the dating arena as most people look for someone within their age group to assimilate more easily. However, dating a woman older than you are can be quite intriguing and interesting at the same time because she doesn’t belong to your era and is highly mature, probably even more than you at some things.


Dating older women and then impressing them is a different ball game altogether, you need to understand the intricacies of women who are now past the raw excitement that might work great to entice younger girls. Social taboos around such relationships no longer exist, but this can be quite tricky as older women have a bigger fortress around their temptations that you might need to neutralize before going on any further. Not impossible though, but tough nevertheless. The dating rules need to be tweaked here a bit but if you play all the cards right, you could be in for a very satisfying and fulfilling relationship from her end.

Never look at women younger than her when she is there:

A girl barges in as both of you are sitting together and instinctively you turn your head around and check her out. That might be the beginning of the end for your relationship. The first thing older women abhor in young men is feeling like that they are there because you got no one else your age and you will leave her the moment someone as young as you shows interest towards your end.

Women who are older tend to look more towards these factors as compared to younger ones. Yes, the jealousy is there in both of these age groups but the reasons are highly polarized. On the other hand, it's totally alright if you look or admire women her age in front of her. She might also get jealous at this as well but this will be positive on her end and make her look to entice you even more.

She’s the Teacher in Bed:

If things progress to this stage in your relationship quite early, you need to know that contrary to men, women experience a peak in sexuality in around their 30s and 40s just before menopause and will be quite picky and choosy as to what she likes you to do to her in bed.

Follow her lead boy! You can play the dominant male only if she wants you to. Besides she might be more experienced than you and could lead you both to a have great romp together in bed. Your youthfulness might annoy her if you don’t get it right.

Be Manly in Approach:

Keep your youthful zest for the dates and camping trips, she needs a man who is ambitious and she feels secure with. You don’t to act double your age, just put together a heightened presence when she’s around. Older women despise young boys who feel more like they are vying for some sex which they can tell everyone about.

You are not there to be the playful boy that every girl would adore. She’s a woman and she has needs, obviously, she needs your youthfulness as well but keep that only to brighten her up out of her gloominess or to bring a spark to your life but for other things, bring the man in you outside to make her feel secure and warm.

Keep at it, Persistence is the Key:

Despite being in a relationship with you or having met you several times by now, older women take longer and longer to see how much you can go farther and still probably wants you to break a few walls down that are keeping you from conquering her heart.

When older, women increase the criteria for persistence they look in men they are dating. Even if by now, a girl your age might have given way, this woman will definitely take some time to open up fully. But on the bright side, once you are there and she removes all the obstacles she has put up, she will be by your side longer and will provide care and support to you which a younger girl would never have had done. That’s one of the best things about dating older women, they are harder to get but make for great partners.

Making her feel like a Girl:

With all the talk on seriousness and manliness, she needs to be with you, older women are also like tender girls after all, they need your protection, care, warmth and most important of all your love and acceptance. If you can manage to bring the girl out in her, she would love you for eternity.

The youthful zest we have never leaves us, instead, it gets buried down under loads of societal pressures and bad experiences and bringing it back up can be a huge accomplishment on your part to provide her with happiness. Tell her that she looks great after waking up, make her wear youthful clothing like date night dresses and shun her previous wardrobe which is restricting her from enjoying her life to the fullest, make dinner for her and take her out as much as possible even to highly adventurous places. Nothing entices an older woman more than a man who can bring the girl in her back out again.

Dating older women is a great thing if you can keep your partner happy and you feel fulfilled in the relationship. Don’t just do it for the sake of getting some physical Intimacy, do it for the sake of the unbridled attraction you feel towards her. Make her feel worthwhile and enjoy life with her to the fullest as long as you are together. Enjoy each other’s accomplishments and understand that different stages of life mean different standards of accomplishments. Be good, be great, be humorous but above all be the gentleman you are.