Scientific studies have shown that your favourite pastime can not only earn you a job, but also make you a better employee. Major companies now realise that a person’s hobby is more than just a question to fill out a work form, it’s also a way to hire the candidates that will perform at highest of standards.


What you do in your free time says a lot more about you than your qualifications do, which is why more and more companies are using particular hobbies as a way to tell if a prospective employee is a right fit. So, you never know; what you do in your free time could land you your dream job!


1 . Team Sports

 If you’re an employer, seeing a candidate that enjoys team sports is one of the most satisfying things to read on an application form. Having a passion for sports such as football, rugby, and hockey, shows that you can fit well into a working environment which is what all employers want.


It also indicates that you can take directions from people as you would from your team captain or manager in a football match, as well as work well with individuals who are also aiming for the same goals and achievements.


2 . Reading

 Some say that reading regularly is a scientific necessity, but did you know that it could also make you a lot better at your job? Regular reading increases intelligence, concentration levels and even aids relaxation. And pretty much every employer in the world wants smart and relaxed people in their company who have the brain power to routinely hit targets.


3 . Stand-up comedy

 Something that you need to be a success in any industry is self-confidence, and nothing screams self-confident more than performing stand-up comedy. Standing in a room filled with intoxicated strangers is scary enough, but then to be expected to make them laugh all night is even scarier.


Being a comedian means you have to think on your feet, control a room and be hilarious at the same time, all of which are much sought after qualities in the workplace. Also, being able to make your boss and co-workers laugh is always a much-needed bonus.


4 . Yoga

 Apart from a number of other positive attributes, Yoga can make you a very calm and relaxed individual. And the working environment needs nothing else more than calm and relaxed individuals.


Having Yoga as a hobby does great things for your health, helps you sleep well (which means you will make better hours), and is one of the most effective stress relievers on the planet. Finally, as we all know, the working environment can get very stressful, so having yoga to lean on will make your professional life a lot easier. After all, the ability to remain calm in the face of stressful and difficult situations will certainly be a great asset which your employer will notice and appreciate.


5 . Puzzle solving

 Word searches, crosswords, and Sudokus are much more than something to do on while you wait for your train. Puzzle solving has many benefits, especially if your job involves research or editing; the endless stream of words will improve your spelling as well as your vocabulary.


Another unique skill acquired from constant puzzle solving is the amount your pattern recognition skills enhance, which will help you to be better at a whole range of jobs. Also, puzzle solving teaches your brain to focus on certain tasks with laser-like precision, a much-needed skill that you also take into the office.


 You may have thought that your hobby was taking up too much time and interfering with your working life, but the truth is, it’s probably making you amazing at your job!


About the author: Simone Smith is a blogger and educator who shares her stories at Online Courses Australia - one of the Australian leaders in the field of education. Simone enjoys learning about new ways of growing and improving businesses.