Birthdays has to be special and memorable. When it is your girlfriend’s birthday, you are the one responsible to to turn it to a Birthday Bash. Not all the times we have enough money to spend on a lavish gift for our loved ones.

Here are 5+ inexpensive yet unique birthday gift ideas for one’s girlfriend. 


#1 : Bunch Of Her Favorite Flowers

One cannot deny the importance of flower in  her life. Many times, flower plays the role of a savior of him from his girlfriend. Every girlfriend is the happiest person in the world on getting a surprise bouquet. First one must know Her favorite flower. A beautiful bouquet of her favorite flower and a love letter will be the most descent birthday gift ever. Besides, it’s affordable as well. Online sites are there for flowers delivery UK to fulfill your wish. 

#2 : Handmade Scrapbook

 Scrapbook is a paper kalaidoscope. It acts like a roller coaster ride of your togetherness. Fill your creative scrapbook with the pictures and memories both of you have shared. Add small quotations at the every page mentioning your love for Her. It is important to remember that it is not always the money. Sometimes, handmade gifts carry much more emotions and attachments than expensive gifts. 

#3 : Chocolaty Treat

Chocolate is a soul mate of every woman. There is hardly a woman in this world who does not love chocolate. It is the best gift to present to your girlfriend for any occasion, even without any occasion. Pack a box of her favorite flavored chocolate along with a bouquet of her favorite flowers and gift this to her. Chocolate is a symbol of deep love and passion. Such chocolaty treat conveys your love and passion as well. Contact online sites associated with delivery of chocolate gift UK.

#4 : Love Couple Bear

Every girl is fond of soft toys as they resemble with their nature. If such soft toy is your gift to her on her birthday, she is on cloud nine. Love couple bears are one of the most inexpensive yet lovable birthday gifts ever. There are varieties of it. One type of love couple bear contains two chocolate colored bears hugging each other. Other type contains two chocolate brown bears holding a ‘Love You’ cushion. Such gift brings instant joy and happiness to Her face.


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#5 : Delicious Cake

Cake for a birthday celebration is an age old tradition. Your girlfriend might be a traditional believer. A delicious birthday cake is the best birthday gift ever for her. A decorated cake of Her favorite flavor as a birthday gift will melt Her heart. Such a gift is inexpensive as well. One can make it more romantic if he bakes the delicious cake himself. One can take help of online sites associated with cake delivery UK. The sites are very much punctual. Their services are also satisfactory. Above all, they are reasonable and everyone affords that.

#6 : Personalized Photo Mug

A coffee mug is a daily user for everyone. When the very coffee mug is a gift from a special one, it makes every morning special and joyful. A personalized photo mug is the most personal gift one can gift his girlfriend on her birthday. Choose the best picture of her you have. Get it printed on a simple coffee mug along with a ‘Forever Love’ message. Pack it in a colorful wrapper and gift it to Her on her special day. The gift does is inexpensive but it does not look like a cheap one. 

#7 : Love Gift Basket

A love basket is a close to heart gift. It is a bit expensive compared to the other mentioned gifts. This one is a complete birthday gift for Her. A love gift basket includes a card with a heart-touching love message. A chocolate box is a must part of the basket. Besides, a bouquet of flowers and an Old Wine bottle complete the celebration. One can plan a secret and quiet birthday celebration for his girlfriend. This is the recommendable gift for such celebration.

 We know you are having a tight pocket. Choose one or more from the above mentioned birthday gift ideas for your girlfriend. Make her feel your love without tension.