Baby Boomers, are you "Happy?"

Don't take this the wrong way or look upon me unkindly but every morning I wake up I am really freaking "Happy."

My life may not be exactly what I want (yet).

My health is not perfect.

My finances are not to the point where I can retire without watching what I am doing.

But I am "Happy."

Certifiably, assuredly, unquestionably, indisputably and without a doubt "Happy."

I often wonder why.

Are you "Happy?"

Do you know why?

I get a ton of emails (my choice) from a million different sources with a multitude of assorted messages.

One that caught my eye this morning is from June Silney, a new "life hack" expert.

Do you know why it caught my eye?

Because it talked about being "Happy."

Have you ever noticed that some people are innately "Happy?"

They are born that way.


But there are others who wouldn't be "Happy" if you gave them everything they wanted on a silver platter and then some.

What causes "Happy?"

Let's dedicate this beautiful "Fervid Friday" to this topic.

Here are 5 interesting facts about happiness that you might find surprising that may help define what I am talking about.

5 Interesting Facts About Happiness

1. Happiness is a life-long pursuit

Even if you are one of those lucky folks that are born happy it's not something you can choose to ignore.  

Happiness needs to be nurtured, fed and grown.  

Sure, everyone experiences some degree of short term happiness in their lives whether it's from school or work achievements, life celebrations (birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, etc.) or pleasurable experiences like vacations or holidays.

But most folks treat these as temporary moments.

They are not "Happy" until the next diversion comes along.

Staying "Happy" actually requires some work and that never ends.

You have to recognize that you are at your best when you are "Happy" so you have to concentrate on finding happiness where you can.

If it doesn't come easy to you try harder.

Live each day as "Happy" as you can. 

You know what they say: "A day without happiness is a day........................

2.  Happiness is a choice

There are may times in your life when your happiness will be tested.

If there is one thing us Baby Boomers have learned as we have gotten older is "nothing is perfect."

But it is up to you to make the right decisions and 
often they are tough choices. 

When you wake up in the morning and face a 
list a mile long of things that need to be done at work, then pick off a handful of the priorities and get them completed.

The satisfaction of getting them finished will make you "Happy."

If you had a fight with your spouse the night before and you want to be angry, make the decision to apologize and talk it out.

That will make you "Happy."

If you look into the mirror and see a little too much "gut" hanging over your pants then go take a walk.

Just the idea that you are doing something to improve your health will make you "Happy."

When given a choice, make the decision that will bring you the most happiness.

3.  Happiness is a skill

When life hands you lemons you know you can still make lemonade.

The first step in being "Happy" is to learn which behaviors make you "Happy."

Do you ever just catch yourself smiling?

Figure out why you are smiling and continue to reinforce that behavior.

When dealing with repetitive tasks in life do you find that one way of tackling them brings more happiness than others?

Then continue to build on those habits.

Plan to be "Happy" just like you would plan a presentation at work or a family vacation.

Create a lifestyle template that directs you toward "Happy" choices and helps you develop "Happy" behaviors.

4.  Happiness is contagious. 

It is a proven fact.

Have you ever been watching a TV show or around friends where everyone is laughing uncontrollably and for some strange reason you can't help but laugh as well.

You may not even know why you are laughing.

It's because your body, your soul, your psyche knows that you need to laugh and you need to be "Happy."

Everybody does.

We are all connected.

How others feel affects our mood.

How we feel affects how others feel about us.

When you are "Happy" others around you get "Happy" too.

Take some time to smile at the people you meet today.

If you make eye contact, I bet they will smile back.

5.  Happiness gets better with age

Again, it's a proven fact.

There are numerous studies on Baby Boomer psychology that have found that the older youget, the happier you become. 

Experts have discovered that seniors tend to remember the good times more than bad ones.

Baby Boomers are better equipped to seek out choices and behaviors that make them "Happy."

Everyone knows that "Happy" people live longer. 

So start simple.

Learn to tell a joke.

Buy a dog.

Go dancing.

Have sex.

Get together with a "Happy" friend.

Happiness is simple.

Get "Happy" and you’ll live longer.

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