You get to try new foods, see new places, hear new languages, and meet new people as you make your way from country to country, changing your perspective on life as you go. However, it's good to have an idea of what sites you need to see while you are in each country, and since Australia is so big, it's helpful to have an idea of what should be on you must-see list. We're going to help you narrow it all down to the five things you must do and see before going off and exploring the rest of what the Land Down Under has to offer.


The Great Barrier Reef


This is where any conversation about sites to see in Australia has to begin. It's one of the seven natural wonders of the world, and there isn't anything else like it on the planet. You don't necessarily have to start with it, but you definitely have to visit it at some point during your trip. If you're able to scuba dive there, then even better. There is no other place in the world that offers underwater views as spectacular as the colorful Great Barrier Reef. As it is slowly eroding, you need to visit it before it's too late.

Cage Dive


One of the unique activities that Australia has to offer is the cage dive with one of the most feared sea creatures known to humans: the Great White Shark. Yes, you read that correctly. You are secured in a steel cage and dropped into the water in the midst of some of the scariest sharks you can find. It's definitely worth it.

Sydney Opera House


This is another must see. Not only is it one of the most iconic buildings in the world, but you can also see world class shows. As many people fly in and out of Sydney, there's no doubt that you'll be in the city at some point. If you don't see a show, you at least have to go to the building and possibly take a tour.

Fraser Island


If you want to stay out in nature and seclusion after you visit the Great Barrier Reef, you should then consider going camping on Fraser Island off the eastern coast of the country. It's an ecotourism destination with some of the most beautiful sand and water that you will ever see in your life. It would be a shame to miss out on this. Follow this link to learn more about everything you can do on Fraser Island.

Kakadu National Park


Finally, the last can't-miss destination in Australia is Kakadu National Park. This place has everything that you could want in a vacation destination. It has incredible amounts of wildlife and biodiversity, and you can also experience some Australian history by exploring the aboriginal cave paintings. It's easily one of the most beautiful national parks not only in the country but in the entire world.

No matter what you choose to do in Australia, you are going to have an amazing holiday. These are five of the most popular destinations that people usually visit when they come to Australia, but there are thousands of other things to do as well. If you start off with our recommendations, you will have a good base to explore everything else in the country. There is no way you're going to be able to see everything Australia has to offer, so be prepared to want to return later on in life.