Located in the far east of Asia, Cambodia is a heavenly land that is struggling to shake off the effects of its dark past till today. Its history is loaded with blood, war, and invasions which is why the tourism still has not gained the ration that it could have, considering the beauty and natural history it beholds. Ranging from the islands that mock the heavens to the jungles that have never been visited before, the temples and the rich in history spots, all ask you to come and have a visual treat in this enchanted land.

Places to visit on your Siem Reap tours

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Now let us tell you where you must go during your visit to Cambodia.

Angkor Wat

We talk about the places in Siem Reap Cambodia but skip Angkor Wat is impossible. It is a sight worth seeing and visiting, being the world’s largest religious monument. Originally this was a temple that was made in the name of the Hindu God named Vinshu but later, as the Buddhists invaded the city, the temple was turned into a religious place for them in the 14th century. Since then the temple is visited to the spiritual divinity and for sight-seeing. The carvings inside the temple are unique and captivating and are sure to catch your attention for hours.


Koh Rong

The description of the beauty of the Cambodia land is incomplete without mentioning the mesmerizing sea and glorious beaches with white sand and turquoise water that would truly make you forget the rest and lay down on the sand to absorb the beauty. Koh Rong is one of those beautiful and magnificent island’s whose beauty is incomparable to anything else. The days are lovely with pleasant sun and sparkling water while night time is lovely for the plankton to create the dazzling hallucinations and the star-filled sky keeps makes you never to want to leave the island. The forest that lines the coast of the island is the home to wildlife and beautiful birds, making you have the time of your life in this amazing Siem Reap Tours.


Phnom Penh

The pearl of Asia, the most beautiful and enchanting city of Cambodia land, the city with such awe striking colonization and buildings that your heart wishes, again and again, to live here and never to go back. The Royal Palace, the pleasant restaurants, the amazing bars and the lovely landscape with the river flowing by its side, the Phnom Penh makes you wonder how this war victim revived from its ashes to such a glorious and magnificent city. Do not miss to visit it on your trip to Cambodia.