The idea of doom tourism sounds strange but the concept is about visiting places, which are now being threatened or on the verge of just disappearing from our planet. India as many such places, where you would perhaps want to visit as a tourist prior to them disappearing. We on our part have looked to update you on five such spots, which you will perhaps want to visit quickly. Let us discuss on these lines.


Chadar Trek Trail:

This spot is a must visit for those of you who intend to visit the Himalayas.  You will love the frozen rivers of Chadar and Zansak. The mountains are steep and the snowfall has resulted in many place of the river being frozen. It is a beautiful sight and you will just love it. The trek journey here is exciting.

Hermis National Park:

It is in this park that you may just get to see one of the most elusive animals of the world and that is the snow leopard. It is a Himalayan natural sanctuary and may just not be there for the next generation. It is even a dream destination for bird watchers.

Lakshadweep coral reef:

This place is a natural beauty on the West Malabar Coast and you will love to enjoy your time here. However, unfortunately this place also falls in our list of doom tourism and the next generation may not get to see it.

These are five tourist spots in India, which just may not be in existence a few years down the line. Hence, undertake a visit quickly. 

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