On a global scale, employees are feeling less engaged, and that spells bad news for productivity, turnover, and the bottom line. There’s a ton of advice out there about how to get your employees interested, engaged and active, but a huge piece of the puzzle is this – are your employees happy at work? Do they want to come to work every day? Here are 5 signs that your company is rocking employee happiness and engagement.

  • You have low turnover

Unless you’re the only place to work in town, if you have low turnover, there’s a good chance you have happy employees. This is a measurement for happiness especially in a saturated market with many work opportunities, and also if it’s true of your highly skilled and valuable staff. If an employee with a stellar resume, an enviable skillset, and a fantastic work ethic chooses to stay at your company, you can rest assured you’re providing an engaging and fulfilling work environment.

  • Your employees are friends with each other

Happy employees like to have fun, talk about their lives outside of work, and connect with each other on a friendly level. Stressful workplaces create tension and encourage silos in the workplace. If there’s a great deal of joking, good-natured teasing, and encouragement in your company, you’re going to find happy employees. Happy employees also support and encourage each other to excel at their jobs, so you’ll also see increased productivity and better results.

  • Your employees go above and beyond their job title

Happy employees enjoy their work and actively seek to make their company better. They’ll go above and beyond the requirements for their job because they like spending time at work and actually care not only about their personal paychecks and promotions, but also the future of the company as a whole. If you are constantly recognizing and rewarding employees for exceptional performance, be proud—you’ve created a happy workplace.

  • Your employees smile

This one sounds simple, but if you’re surrounded by cheerful people, and the smiles reach their eyes (in other words, they’re not fake), then you’re probably dealing with happy employees. There are other behavioral cues as well. Happy people are comfortable, and you won’t see a lot of crossed arms or closed body posture. There will be plenty of eye contact, and you’ll be able to feel the positive energy in your workplace. You can tell when someone is having a bad day, right? Well, you can also tell when your employees are happy because of the high energy in the room.

  • Your employees share ideas, thoughts, questions, and concerns

Happy employees feel valued, and they know they have something to offer their company. A happy employee will take part in brainstorming sessions, share ideas on possible new products, business practices, or marketing techniques, and won’t be intimidated at the thought of talking with the business owner or CEO. A happy employee isn’t motivated by fear of losing their job, they’re motivated by making their company a better place to work and to do business with, and you’ll see what a difference this makes in productivity.

Kelly Smith is an experienced writer and tutor working at Career FAQs. She’s keen on new motivational tools and productivity hacks. She’s also interested in the new media.