Behind every successful business is the role of a talented management team. The management team is a very essential part of every business. This team sets the goals and objectives for businesses. They are key to implementing and enforcing strategies to help employees achieve success.  As an entrepreneur, you would realize the importance of managing a team well. But, it becomes harder when you have a team of remote employees. 

Here are 5 simple ways to develop real trust among your distributed team and foster a great company culture. 

Set your goals

First of all, you need to set clear goals and find ways about how you can make these goals meaningful. Meet with each team member through video call and carry out discussions about the goals achieved/unachieved once a week. Ask team leads to make plans and explain them in a group setting thoroughly. This propagates team understanding so that they know what other teams are working on.

Use a real-time team management app

Real-time communication with your managers or team is critical to the success of projects. Using a real-time team management app will enable you to make faster decisions, increase the speed of execution, discuss ideas or seek clarifications on projects. A team management app is a seamless way to talk to remote teams with their inbuilt video conferencing feature. These apps allow your entire team to see everyone's accomplishments, increasing transparency and healthy competition. 

Celebrate their hard work

Celebrating achievements injects life into the organisation, making it worthwhile for employees to contribute to the long term success of the company. Defining success can be as simple as praise for an individual's performance over a defined period of time. Success should be whenever a colleague achieves a goal.  Basically, everything that gets done and contributes to the the mission of the team is a team success. Celebrating this pushes employees to work harder, achieve more thereby increasing revenue.

Ask for feedback

Try to grab every member’s viewpoint every so often. Let them share with you their ideas and concepts on ways the company can improve. Get their response. You are responsible for empowering them to succeed and in turn your company.

When you have a team of remote employees, it becomes harder and harder to develop real trust. In order for your team to feel more and more included, you must believe that their inclusion is vital and that your company culture is defined by the entire team.

Narrow the communication gaps

Are you going to have a team meeting? If so, it is important for you to ensure when a retreat is required and when you want to get specific departments together. It will help you remove any communication barrier from your team members.


Without communication and interaction, you cannot effectively manage your team. It is extremely beneficial to use team management apps as they help bring about transparency and ensure humble leadership.