Goods and Services tax is a single taxation reform introduced by the Indian Government recently which has subsumed all the indirect taxes including VAT, Service Tax, Excise Duty, Custom Duty, Entertainment Tax, and Luxury Tax and so on. After the GST implementation, everything has been entirely changed be it tax filing, claiming returns or Input Tax Credit. That’s one of the reasons, it has become extremely important to understand the entire GST processes and the procedures of getting registered into it using online applications. Learning the provisions of the new taxation law is essential because the taxation criteria will be different even for the existing taxpayers and the dealers who deal with the supply of goods and services within or outside the State. In this post, we list five simple steps following which you can easily get registered under the GST via using online platform. Take a glance.



Before getting registered, one must know the eligibility criteria. People who deal with the supply of goods and services and their annual turnover is more than 20 lakhs are liable to get registered under the GST. 



The first step for getting registered under the GST is to create your login account on any of the GST registration websites to initiate the process. For that, you need to provide your valid e-mail address, PAN, and mobile number. After providing these details your mobile number and e-mail id will be verified through a onetime password system. Further, you need to fill these details on the form PART 1 of GST REG-01. 



Once verification of all your details is done, you have to fulfil all the requirements and the formalities being asked such as uploading essential documents. Here is a list of documents required for online GST registration process



•Bank Account Details

•Constitution of Taxpayer 

•NOC, electricity bill or rent agreement to determine the proof of principle place of business 

Submit your application through FORM GST REG – 02, once you’ve provided all the required documents. 


3. Verification Through GST Officer

When you have filled and submitted your application, it will be examined by a proper GST officer for any errors. If everything is find in appropriate order, your GST registration will be granted to you or else in case of any discrepancy the applicant will be notified via FORM GST REG-03 within three working days.  After getting the form back, the applicant is requested clear all the discrepancies and respond within seven working days through FORM GST REG-04. 


4. No action 

If no action has been taken by the designated officer within the three working days, the application will be approved automatically. 


5.Registration Certificate

Once the application has been approved by the officer, you’ll be issued a certificate of registration through a common portal. The certificate can easily be downloaded using your login id and password.  



The online GST registration process is extremely simple, easy and user-friendly. Registration can be done from any GST registration website that you feel is easy to use and enjoy the benefits.