It is without doubt better to, as the saying goes, prevent than to cure. And now, health insurance companies have also learnt to put their trust into this ideal. Due to the Affordable Care Act, medical insurance companies have now increased and widened the spectrum of treatments that are covered under their basic health care plans in order to help people lead healthier lives and prevent them from developing or worsening their health problems. In other words, health insurance plans are now covering an array of medical treatments so that people with health conditions can concentrate on getting better now, and as a direct result, avoid getting worse in the future. The reason for this basically comes down to the fact that it is more cost effective for insurance companies to invest in health programs that prevent serious health issues from occurring rather than to cover people once they have developed a chronic disease. By reading this article, you will learn about some of the benefits covered by your health plan so that you can receive treatments to help you improve your well-being and maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Mental Health Issues

If you find yourself suffering from mental issues and require assistance from either psychiatrists, psychologists, need inpatient care or substance and alcohol abuse counselling or any other type of mental care, the chances are that you will be covered for a certain percentage of your treatments. Be sure to contact your insurance company to discuss your coverage. 

Chiropractic Visits

It is highly likely that your chiropractic visits will be covered by your medical insurance, but the requirements may differ depending on the company you are claim from. For example, some medical plans requires you to have a doctor's note indicating the need for chiropractic treatment in order to claim while others do not. Be sure to contact your insurance company and ask the appropriate questions before hiring a chiropractor to make sure that you will be covered for your treatments. 

Treatments that help you lose weight

It's true! Weight loss programs and nutritional counselling are services that are often covered by insurance companies and the reason for this is because keeping a healthy weight is a major factor that can help eliminate many medical complications and diseases that are often related to obesity. Be sure to inquire about such coverage if this problem affects you. 


If you are in need of rehabilitation after having suffered from a medical condition such as, for example, a stroke, a heart attack or a serious injury, you will be glad to know that the sessions with your physiotherapist or other medical care professional will most likely be covered by your health insurance company. Be sure to contact them for more details and discuss your options if you are in need of rehab.

Prevention treatments and aid for diabetes patients 

Whether you are currently a diabetes patient or you are at risk of becoming one, know that your healthcare plan will most likely cover treatments relating to this disease. This can include things such as life coaching counselling, nutrition counselling, as well as medication coverage. So if you are suffering from diabetes or finding yourself at risk of contracting the diseases and desire counselling sessions, be sure to contact your insurance company to discuss your coverage options.

Now that you have a better understanding of the wide range of services available to you free of cost as a health insurance owner, you can get started on your health regime now in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle and improve your overall well-being.