People say that it’s women and not men who are difficult to please and make happy. While it may or may not be true, we know that there are a few things that are guaranteed to make practically any man happy in a blink of an eye. It doesn’t matter if a man is more quiet and withdrawn or loud and outgoing, these few things are going to make him happy beyond expectation.

A motorcycle

Let’s face it, men love speed and steel, and what is a motorcycle but the two combined into a mean and fast machine. Men secretly or openly dream about owning a motorbike, putting on a leather jacket and a pair of dark sunglasses, growing a killer beard and hitting the road with their friends and a woman. ‘Live to ride, ride to live’ lifestyle does not necessarily mean that a man who owns a bike will be spending all his time in garage, but just that all his childhood and boyhood dreams have come true and he finally has a chance to live his fantasy.

Big screen TV

It doesn’t matter if a man is passionate sports fan or he is more into music and movies, big screen TV is something that he is dying to own. This means that when a big game is on he can call all his buddies, fill the fridge with beer, and spend an evening screaming with joy or roaring with anger depending on whether his team is winning or losing. On the other hand, big screen TV also means that he can watch all his favorite concerts in HD resolution, play video games like a pro, and watch a movie feeling like he is actually in it.

His workshop

Having a place where you can experiment, build, make things or tear them apart is what every person should have. It is where you are able to be creative and innovative ,where you take your broken furniture to fix them, where you fix your electronics and bikes, and paint some woodwork. If it is not possible to have a spacious workshop, you can at least make it as functional as possible: get reliable Makita cordless tools, plenty of storage boxes, nails, hammers, and screws; and you will finally be able to do some fixing around the house by yourself without having to call repairmen for every little thing that gets broken.

Pool table

pool table

Another thing men dream about – having their own man cave filled with gallons of beer, video games, pool table, a bar. Having a man cave is not always an option since it requires quite a bit of effort, money, and space, but having a pool table is definitely what many men dream of. Pool is one of those symbols of bachelorhood, pool games where two parties would play for a drink or even money is an essential part of male bonding, and having a pool table at home would surely make any man happy.

As long as he is free to spend some of his free time doing the things he loves, a man will be happy and content. Riding a bike with his buddies, playing pool, watching a game and drinking beer, or spending time in his workshop repairing things – these are all simple things that make his day.