But not everyone can do successfully without overpriced heating bills that you can’t really afford. If there’s one thing that living in the UK teaches you, however, it’s how to adapt to the cold winters and luckily people are more than ready to share the information with you. We’ve gathered together five tips for staying warm this winter, and while saving the pennies.

Check Your Windows

The downfall of many a home is draughts and single-glazed windows. Whether you have Sash Windows, a full Bay Window in your living room or something else, there is plenty you can do to use proof them against the cold weather. Draught-proofing your windows can save you pounds simply by cutting the need to have your heating on high. Draughts not only let the cold into your home, but can also let the heat out, effectively ruining any insulation you may otherwise have and rendering your heating costs useless. Proper draught-proofing or ensuring you have double glazing can improve how effective your home is at keeping in the warmth.

Warm Yourself First

It’s a lot easier to heat up yourself than it is a room. If you’re freezing, opt for another jumper or a blanket rather than putting on the heating. It’s more eco-friendly, and buying a particularly fluffy jumper is going to be a lot cheaper than hiking up the heating every time you get a chill. It’s faster too, your own body heat keeping you warm with the help of the extra insulation that the jumper provides.


This is your best option in so many ways. Not only does the heat from the oven warm up your kitchen and potentially the surrounding rooms, but you’ll also have delicious food to enjoy while warm. Moving and doing everything involved in baking also plays a part in warming you up, keeping you on your feet and constantly moving. Let’s not forget all of the extra body heat you can pull from your visitors when you invite them over for coffee and cake.

Use a timer on your central heating

While this doesn’t stop you from needing the heating completely, it can help you maximise the use of it. Putting the heating on a timer for half an hour before you’re due to wake up not only makes those cold winter mornings a little more pleasant, but having the heating on at a lower temperature before you wake up as opposed to switching it on high when you get up can save you money in the long run – as long as you program it to switch off when you’re not at home!

Make use of your curtains

The sun is a natural heat source, and so it’s important to remember to open curtains in the mornings. The heat from the sun will be unobstructed by the cold from outside, and warm up your rooms. Closing your curtains when it starts getting dark can act as an extra layer of insulation too, so buying thick curtains for the bitter winter months can help you keep the heat in, and avoid having to have the heating on high for as long.