All businesses need some form of marketing strategy, including freelancers and sole traders. As a freelancer, you will need to market your services to gain new clients, improve your online presence, and boost your reputation in your industry. We’ve put together our top tips to help freelancers improve their marketing efforts.

Tip #1. Email Marketing

Since email marketing has had a bad reputation recently, it’d be unsurprising if you’d decided to forego it altogether. However, when used correctly, email marketing can be a very powerful method of gaining more clients and improving your freelancer record. For example, you can use this email address search tool to find new potential businesses and individuals that may be interested in your freelance services, just by using a domain as a starting point. Don’t just use email for sending pitches, though. An informative, valuable email newsletter that provides your existing and potential clients with great content will boost your relationships and your reputation.

Tip #2. Set up a Website

If you were starting any other type of business, then it would be expected that you have a website. So, as a freelancer, this should be no different. Your website is a very powerful marketing tool; you can use it to introduce yourself to your potential new clients and include a portfolio that showcases all your best work to interested visitors. Use your website to establish your credentials and demonstrate your expertise in your field. In addition, you can include a sign-up form that visitors can fill in to start receiving your email newsletter and learn more about your services.

Tip #3. Be Active on Social Media

Today, many companies and individuals use social media site such as Facebook or Twitter to find suitable freelancers to help complete their work. Along with having a dedicated social media page for your freelance services, it’s also a good idea to join various groups where you can find potential new clients, such as digital nomad and entrepreneur groups. Social media networking can be done easily, and the best part is that there are no location restrictions!

Tip #4. Word-Of-Mouth

In the freelance industry, a lot of new clients are gained through word of mouth. When you do an excellent job for a client that helps to boost or improve aspects of their business, they’re likely to recommend you to others in their industry, friends, and even family members who need services that you provide. One of the best ways to market yourself as a freelancer is to look after your clients by providing consistently great results that they can rely on.

Tip #5. In-Person

Although many freelancers today work online, don’t be afraid of marketing your services in-person. For example, you may like to find networking events, business conferences, and more in your area that you can attend to meet people who may be interested in working with you. Don’t just stick to events for freelancers – trade shows, blogger events, and more can be great places to find new clients.

To succeed in your freelance career, you will need to employ several awesome marketing strategies.