Your wedding is supposed to be the greatest day of your life, afterall it’s the day you commit to loving that very special person for the rest of your life. Therefore, it’s vital that you pick the right photographer to capture your special day on paper for posterity.


But how do you go about picking your perfect photographer? How do you know if they’re the one to take the best pictures of your big day?


If you’re not into photography it can be hard to know where to start. So here are 5 tips on finding the wedding photographer of your dreams. Follow this advice and these steps and you’ll be sure to find the professional who will produce pictures you can love as much as your new spouse!

(Photo: Murray Clarke)


1 - Use a professional


You might feel you could save money by getting a relative with a flash camera to take the photos, but they will never look anywhere near as good as photos taken by a professional photographer.


This is your special day, and you should get some very special photos taken. If you scrimp and attempt to save on the photos then they will not look anywhere near as good as you deserve on your special day. Make sure you spend a little extra, take some time, and pick the perfect professional. It’s worth it for beautiful pictures to remember the big day by.

(Photo: Murray Clarke)


2 - Choose a style


There are 3 main types of wedding photographer - traditional, journalistic, and classic. Traditional photographers spend much of the day taking posed photographs and arranging the details around the subjects to make them perfect. Journalistic photographers don’t ask people to pose, but instead take natural photos of people. And classic photographers blend these styles.


To get the perfect photographer you need to pick your prefered style, maybe spend some time looking at the blogs of photographers of different styles, and once you know what sort of pictures you want, you can then start looking for particular individuals.

(Photo: Murray Clarke)


3. The Process of choosing


Choosing the perfect photographer can’t just be done by looking at their photos alone. There are several things you should do before settling on a photographer.


When judging the quality of a photographer’s work, look at entire weddings, not just a few photos. It’s important that all of their work is of equal quality and will not deteriorate as the day goes on.


Once you’ve found photographers you like, don’t just look at their pictures and choose - interview them. This will allow you to get a measure of them, find out what interests them, see if they are as passionate about your special day as you are, find out what their personality is like and whether you’d like them to share your wedding with you.


If you like a photographer, book them as soon as you know the venue and date. Some couples book photographers 2-3 years in advance and if you leave it until the last minute, your ideal photographer may not have the date free. You don’t want to have to settle for your second choice on your special day because you left it too late - get your dream photographer early.

(Photo: Murray Clarke)


4. Personalities matter


It definitely matters how good the photographer is at their job, but that shouldn’t be the only factor in making this decision. The person you choose will be there on the biggest day of your life and will share in some extremely intimate and precious moments.


It’s therefore crucial that you get on with them, and that your personalities match well. They need to share your enthusiasm for the day and appreciate how special it is to you. If not, then you risk feeling quite uncomfortable and unhappy on what’s meant to be a wonderful and memorable day. Some otherwise beautiful moments might be ruined by having a photographer present who you can’t stand.


If you don’t get on with a photographer, however amazing their work, then don’t choose them. You need a photographer who you can feel comfortable being around and sharing your day with. That’s just as important as their work.

(Photo: Murray Clarke)


5. Post-Wedding and Contracts


Possibly the most dull piece of advice on this list, but equally as important. Many photographers specify in their contracts that they own the rights to the photos that they take at your wedding, even photos of you. This allows them to use them for promotional purposes and upload them to the internet. This may limit your ability to use the pictures. Make sure you know and are happy with the terms before you sign or confirm anything.


Also make sure you know in advance of booking how long it will take to get the photos. Many photographers can take 6 to 8 weeks, some even longer, to have the photos ready. They have to upload gigantic files and then edit the pictures to remove any issues. Don’t expect them instantly, but ask how long they estimate it will take and how many pictures to expect. The post-wedding bits are still important.

(Photo: Murray Clarke)