Technological advancements have led to emergence of new devices such as anker charges which are aimed at making our lives easier. However, recent studies reveal 63% of people interested in buying the chargers do not know what to look after when shopping for one.


anker charger in Pakistan

The new age tablets and smartphones contain multipurpose features which will allow users make good use of them until their batteries does dead. Try imagining your mobile phone battery going dead when you are on the move? You will never blame any person for the short battery life your mobile device is experiencing. However, there are lots of relevant solutions you always have at your disposal.

I am talking about portable chargers which are also referred to as power banks. Over the last years, the use of power banks has tremendously grown among the Pakistan population. It is today considered an absolute necessity for any travelling lot.

There are several companies producing cutting edge chargers that have made it difficult for mobile phone users to choose the best. Here are five tips that will help you in choosing the best anker chargers in the market.

1. Go for the Brand

It is advisable that you always go for an anker charger in Pakistan from a reputable company. Ensure you always buy a branded charger for your mobile device. In case you are buying an anker charger online, never purchase from unknown vendors. Only transact with a reputable company that has positive customer reviews and is known of delivering high quality anker chargers to their customers.

2. Capacity

Capacity is one of the main features of a charger. It is measured in milliampere-hour (mAh). Your phone’s battery capacity is also measured in milliampere-hour (mAh). In case you phone’s battery has a capacity of 1000 mAh battery, then it is advisable you go for 1000 mAh chargers. It is therefore important you go for anker chargers capable of providing enough capacity to the device you are recharging.

There are also several factors such as charge leakage, voltage conversion and circuit resistance that can make the anker chargers less efficient. It is advisable to purchase a charger with a higher capacity since it can help in recharging your mobile device many times over.

3. Battery Cells

The anker chargers are known to come with different battery cells together with comparative analysis. Li-Polymer and Lithium-ion are considered to be the two most popular variations of battery cells. Before purchasing your anker charger, ensure you are well aware of their benefits and disadvantages.

Li-ion is considered to be bulkier and quite affordable compared to li-poly which is sleeker, expensive and more customizable. However, when it comes to the safety, Li-poly is considered to be the most reliable option. It is therefore advisable to choose an anker charger that comes with the Li-poly battery cells.

4. The Number of O/P Ports

The battery packs which are bundled together with different O/P port trait are known to be virtually prevalent. This enables its users to charge more than one device at the same time. However, majority of the lower capacity battery packs are known to come with the solo port option.

5. Security and Safety

You should always go for an anker charger that provides you with a host of safety solutions such as short circuit protection, overcharge protection and much more on your device. However, for this, you will need to get an anker charger that is capable of providing advances safety functionalities. 

It is clear that anker chargers have grown to become an essential part in our lives. However, it is advisable you take your time and make an indepth research before making your final decision on the type of anker charge to purchase. The above tips will help you get the most reliable, higher capacity and safe anker charger.