If anything, it may be even easier for you now, and the only people who should feel intimidated are all the men seeking your attention. Why shouldn’t they? You are smart, successful, beautiful and you know what you want. That’s right, want - not need! Whether you want to settle down, have fun with someone, or share your life with them, it’s all up to you. So, here are some dating info to help you on your dating journey, until you find the man you are looking for.

1. Continue to Work on Yourself

Going pass 40, you know that you not only have the looks, but the intellectual and emotional depth that will make any man lose his mind over you. By now, you feel comfortable in your own skin, you are confident, successful and out to get yourself a man. Your life is what makes you unique, and that experience translates into desire among men. Still, those good foundations are not worth a lot, unless you continue to improve. Working on improving yourself throughout life is a sign of a confident woman. So, exercise regularly to stay fit, challenge your mind, take care of your health and emotional well-being, and you will always have your “A” game ready and waiting.

2. There Are Available Men Out There

Despite what you might have heard, by the time you are 40 there is still plenty of amazing men available on the market. One of the most valuable dating tips for getting a guy is: you need to look for him. He can be anywhere, and it has less to do with the right place, but almost everything with your willingness to get yourself out there. Mr. Right can be standing at any corner, so it is up to you to make yourself available. By now, you know what you like, and where you want to hang out. So, go out there, have fun, and the one you like and want will definitely come your way.


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3. The Key to Dating Success Is Your Happiness

With all the men you dated behind you, you now have a complete picture of what you want in Prince Charming, and your “happily ever after”. Among all the things this may include, the most important one is your happiness. Time is scarce, and wasting yours on someone who does not deserve it, might have been something you did in the past, but now you know better. The only person whose happiness you should consider is your own, and he should be the one to make you feel that way. Sometimes, he may be doing everything right, but it still feels wrong. Be open about it, and end the romance if necessary. If he truly wishes you to be happy, he will accept it, so both of you can go your separate paths in search of happiness.

4. Respect Each Other’s Worlds

You know that a successful relationship revolves around respect. By allowing someone into your life, you are giving them a chance to create a new world together with you. However, both of you have been around much longer before you met each other, and just because you meet a guy you shouldn’t neglect your own needs. By respecting each other’s worlds, yet taking a chance to enter each other’s, you base your relationship on the three pillars of romantic success – respecting, in equal measure, the “I”, “You”, and “We”. Ultimately, this allows you to continue growing as people which makes your relationship blossom into something beautiful.

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5. Stay Optimistic

Finally, you need to be optimistic about love. It may be a cliché, but unless you retain a positive attitude towards finding your partner in crime, that will never happen. Even though you have been hurt in the past, each new breakup has been a triumph. It has made you stronger, and who you are today. Channeling all the negatives into positives, will ultimately lead you to have a positive outlook on life, love, and search for the right man.

There you have it, the recipe for successful dating in your 40s. Follow these simple tips, and you will surely find what you are looking for. After all, you are a catch any man should be crazy to miss.