Are you an auto dealer getting regular complaints from your customers of their cars not smelling good even after having your odor control supplies? Do you often feel frustrated to know that your customers are avoiding your shop due to inefficiency of the odor controls and fragrances supplies in your stock? Have you changed for many odor controls and air fragrances but none of them work effectively for your customers? We have high quality odor eliminators and liquid air fresheners that would help your customers’ cars smell nice and fresh. You are likely to get the most effective and affordable choices in our list of odor controls and fragrances that create nothing but pleasant scents. Our air-fresheners and odor eliminators come in different size (1gal-5 gal containers) and different forms (ranging from the easy to use sprays, to enzyme activated liquids for a more durable effect). The choice in smell will never be a problem, as you will have access to Eliminator Citrus, Eliminator Apple, Eliminator Mango, Eliminator Very Cheery and more in our stock.

Each of our odor controls and fragrances will give your customers a pleasant driving experience after removing odor from their cars and filling them with pleasant scent. As an auto dealer, you can rely on them when it comes to give your customers a perfect fragrance treatment and let them feel fresh and cheerful during their ride. There are different ways in which our odor controls and fragrances can enhance the inner ambience of your customer’s vehicle. Below are given five ways how these car odor eliminators and fragrances can be helpful for your customer’s driving.

  1. Removal of smoke smell

The air fresheners can help remove the odor created from smoking of cigarettes inside the car. As a result your customers will be able to drive without feeling any unpleasant smell around.

  1. Purify the inner air of pet smell

The auto odor controls and fragrances work perfect when it comes to purify the strong smell of traveling pets settled inside the car and make the vehicle smell fresh like before to its user.

  1. Overcome bad smell on road

Be it is the smell of asphalt or anything else on the road giving a dizzy feel to your customers while getting stuck in traffic for long time, odor controls and fresheners in fruity flavors can help overcome them easily and get some fresh air to breath inside.


  1. Relaxing and pleasant driving experience

In spite of noises and odor on their way, air fresheners will make your customers feel like sitting in flower garden or a heavenly place and get more relaxed at the same time.

  1. Enjoyable ride every time

Whether your customers are on a date, a long drive or a long trip, the soothing and sweet smell of air freshener will make their riding moments enjoyable.

Dealer Junk is a specialized auto dealer supplier located in Menands, NY. Keeping up its image as the “#1 in auto dealer supplies it offers the best quality odor controls and fragrances along with unequaled customer support. Dealer Junk stocks a wide range of car cleaners and air fresheners that would heighten the mood of your customers and make them feel fresh and energetic. To leave your customers with cheerful and happy driving experience, consider purchasing odor controls and fragrances from Dealer Junk at the most competitive rate.

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